Last Saturday evening, i got a call from our son Davis, he was frantic! His undergarments were missing. He is in boarding school. He wanted me to stop everything and rush to his rescue with a few pairs.

Our daughter Della was home for mid terms, i was enjoying company which i miss since march when everyone leaves home for school. I told him my week was choca block, so i would try on saturday. I had other errands to run and so saturday was the only day i would be free in the afternoon.

Nearly a year ago when i closed down my business, all my “friends” felt i was foolish, and told me so. But my husband had made me understand that, Children must take priority over making money. And in my business, i was loosing more than i was profiting. When i came to terms with my new role as a full time Mom and wife, i imagined a very lonely and idle life. Because even our youngest, Dove was going to high school.

Nothing prepared me for such an accelerating, exciting and fulfilled journey. Yesterday, i dropped Della back to school, and it was tears for her, missing mum already. I gave a shoulder and the reassurance that closing day is closer than she thinks. Later i shared with my husband the complete weeks plan. At night Davis called again, i told him i would do it on thursday.

But, when i woke up this morning, i decided to surprise him. From yesterdays wiping away Dellas tears, today it was an exciting relief from Davis when i got to school. Its almost impossible to work with a plan. You just have to run with whats priority first.
Turns out that this morning they were told they will be going to the National Theater on thursday. If i had followed my schedule, i would have missed him! I believe that was Gods whisper this morning that i go.

My days and nights are so fulfilled. There is always a child who is happy about his exam results and wants to share. Another may be facing a challenge and needs encouragement or support from mum.
Yet another may be excited for having scored a goal for his team. The satsfaction that am available when they need me is awesome! Bearing in mind that, its just a matter of time until they are all grown up and independent.
Beinng a fultime mom and wife is an awesome job especially if you are blessed with a caring, responsible and organized husband.

I must thank my Husband for giving me the opportunity to experience this wonderful season in my life!
And God for giving me such a wonderful Family!


We should strive to Obey Him

Yesterday at the DOZ meeting, as Reverend Kathy preached to us, i looked around once again, the women filled up the huge Sanctuary. I wondered silently, how many of us would persue the word she was giving us. Very powerful word indeed!
The topic was, HE IS LORD! I wondered how many of us truly grasp that concept. And are willing to seek Him with all our mind and all our being.

The Reverend shared with us a story from her youth, she was in love with someone else, she nearly married him despite her familiy’s lack of support for him. Until God intervened and literally told her he was not the one.
Thankfully, she was not only prayerful, but obedient too. How many of us are obedient? How many would leave a relationship we have invested time and emotions into if God asks us to?

Am one of those who did not listen to Gods whisper, that i was getting into the wrong relationship, but did not obey. I went ahead and lived with this man for many miserable years. Because at the time, i felt he was doing me a favour by living with me, this is because i felt unworthy.
That is trusting in man and not God! We all get into relationships we know deep down are not ordained by God, but, because we prefer satisying our flesh, we go ahead. It could just be friends, who lead you to sin. If you are like me, you probably do not have many friends. I decided i would rather have no friends, than have friends who will make my life miserable.

Friends are meant to bring out the best in each other, be there for one another. A true friend should be honest enough to tell you the truth if you are going the wrong direction, they should care enough to correct you. And loving enough to uplift you, be the source of your encouragement and be happy for your achievements.
When you have friends that lie to you about themselves, are jealous of you, friends who think friendship is a competition, then you are better off without them.

Thankfully, Jesus is a wonderful, awesome friend! He will always be there for you, no matter what. All you need to do is just call on Him. He is available, within you.

And so, when i called upon God, after finally obeying Him and walking out of my abusive relationship, a life i believed i deserved, He answered promptly!
God matched me up with a wonderful man of God who loves me, just as i am. And for the first time in my life, am experiancing the joy of being loved, and loving. Aside from loving and being loved by my wonderful Children. Is there anything too hard for God? Genesis 18:14. The beauty of a God ordained marriage is that, it has no strife. Because solving your differences comes so easy. Each one knows their place, hence the peace. If you obey Him, let Him take the reigns of your life, He will never disappoint you! For He is the Author of your life, and knows the best partner or friend for you!

Contentment 1Timothy 6:5-8

A few years back, soon after i got married and my Husband gave me capital for a business i was quite conversant with, i got so excited. Suddenly i realized that i was very late in accumulating property and money.
I started the business of importing cars from Japan with so much enthusiasm. After all, i thought, i was late in prospering. I worked hard, i wanted to assist in the running of the family financialy.

This did not seem to be going well. Each time i imported a car, i would encounter a myriad of problems. It would either be delayed in Japan, sometime the cars would get to Mombasa and number plates would not be available. I would then incur extra costs for demurrage etc.
Soon later a lady i knew from primary school got in touch with me, soon later i accepted to start importing used household goods from Germany. My Husband agreed and invested a lot of this venture too.
I had constant set backs in this business from the start. Finding the right space in the right location was a real challenge. Finally i found a place. The goods arrived and i set up shop. The merchandise were not really what i expected, but i delved into it anyway.

It became an uphill task, the car business was not flourishing despite my long time experiance, neither was the shop. My Husband raised his concerns, but i was of the opinion that it was just a matter of time. He on the other hand felt this was not my purpose.
After some time, i listened to him and decided i would close down the shop. I used to open on Sundays to give my working customers service.
On one particular Sunday, i asked my Husband what he thought of my working on Sundays, he told me its very clear that Sunday is a day of rest for Christians, and added that, if God wishes to bless you on Sunday, He would make the customer find you. I decided i would not open again on Sunday. Two hours later, a would be customer called, we agreed to meet at the shop. We met up later in the evening, she liked one set of sofa, what she wanted, her children liked another, and her husband liked the other. Long story short, i sold three sets of sofas worth so much on the day i was closed!
I learnt a huge lesson from that. God blesses us whenever wherever. All we need to do is be content with where we are, do our part and wait upon Him. He can never fail us. As for my rush to make money, i learnt with humility that, nothing i can do without His blessing can prosper!
Am now very content, peaceful and happy! Needless to say, i lost so much money in this ventures. But He Has done so much for me! According to His will for me!

May He enable you to be content, where you are, for He shall sure raise you, in His perfect time!

Murmuring and Complaining is a sin

Our son Dennis was a very calm and peaceful child. I never spanked Dennis once from childhood. Even as an infant, he rarely cried. When he learnt how to talk, which he did much earlier than most toddlers, he would just calmly ask for whatever it was he wanted.
The only frustrating tendency he had was one of dismantling any toy i bought him, to assemble it again in his own way. Well, this did not bother me so much, because eventually he would get it right, at least in his own way and play with it.

Dennis never got involved in fights with other children. When he was in class three i believe, a child in school poked his eye with a pencil. Despite the pain, he did not report to the teacher. Neither did he tell me. This happened on a wednesday. Yet he continued attending school without complaining, and actualy hiding the hurt eye from the teacher and i.
On saturday afternoon i came home to find his eye grey. He was in excruciating pain, yet he still came to meet me at the gate. He could not hide it anymore. We went immediately to Nairobi Hospital, only to find that the ENT specialist on call was in Nakuru. We waited for the longest three hours before he arrived.all this time Dennis sitting beside me, as calm as can be. His prognosis was that, it was too late to repair the damage, that he would just treat the infection. This meant that my baby was going to be blind in one eye.

I could not take this. I left the hospital, asking God for a solution. When i got home, a colleague called me, and impulsively i asked him if he knew a good optician, he gave me a name. I called him immediately and he instructed me to meet him at his office in the CBD.
He got there before us. And saved our sons eye. My little boys calm helped me focus on God. If he had been screaming and complaining, i would probably have accepted the prognosis and not asked for Gods guidance.
I have encountered very few uncomplaining people, including myself. Am so blessed because, aside from one of my sons and myself, the rest of our children, including my husband are not complainers.
A complaining spirit retards us in our growth in Christ and in our own life. I pray that God enables me to be thankful for everything, including those i percieve as little. Complaining and murmuring displeases God as we read in the book of Numbers.

Gods grace is sufficient!

In a recently concluded Women’s Conference i attended, one of the speakers shared her testimony with us. She took us through a horrific accident she had that left her with a broken leg, not once, but thrice! Three different accidents on the same leg! The excruciating pain she experianced. I could almost feel the pain as she recounted the ordeal, and the operations involved thereafter.

This testimony truly affected me. I realized just how much blessed i am, never having broken a bone in my life. My Husband too shared his pain when he had broken his collar bone in a cycling accident. The excruciating pain he had lived with for some time.
I was affected because, generally, we never appreciate Gods grace that keeps us safe on a daily basis. We take our health for granted and complain about everything else, and wish for things that are not necessarily important, until we are sick then suddenly, we are begging for healing.

Am blessed with strong healthy legs, sadly i never found it necessary to thank God for them. I guess i just assumed thats the norm, my right. Almost all my life i have never even appreciated them as a blessing. My Children and Husband compliment me, and instead i brush it off. I even complained when my husband bought me high shoes. He wanted my legs to be well cared for,this was his way of appreciating Gods creation. As Thanksgiving to God for blessing me with them, but i looked at it as a waste of money. Until i heard her testimony. Now am thanking God for them, and all my body parts, because now i know, it is not a right, but a blessing, to have everything healthy and working for me on my body.

We should be thankful for every ‘small’ thing the good Lord Has blessed us with. And we should know that God protects us from so much harm in our daily lives! So i will give thanks each and everyday!

While we wait on God

via WordPress.com.Our first born daughter, Faith was an intriguing baby, she still is, i think. At seven months old, even a little earlier i believe, she started practising walking secretly. Whenever she was alone in a room, she would teach herself to walk. What she did not know is that, when i discovered i would walk out of the room then peep through the keyhole or window. Faith was born prematurely at six and half months. She was the tiniest infant i have ever seen. Whenever someone entered the room she would hurriedly sit down.

When she perfected her walking, which did not take much time, she just stood up and walked to show off her well earned self taught skill.
This crossed my mind as i thought about many Christians today after attending a women’s convention recently. We seem to clammer for instant miracles so much.
Seven years ago when i was born again, the only instant miracle i got was huge, my son was completely healed of asthma! Aside from that, God has unfolded so much in our lives, enabling me to do what i need to do, in tiny steps. Looking back now, it is so amazing the blessings He has bestowed upon us.

I learnt along the way that, this steps are mandatory, as you make them, He opens the way and things fall in place. I also learnt that you need to know what you want, need. And it is alot earsier when your desire is in Gods will for you. But, you must still do your part, and He sure will show up and out big time! When we see the manifestation of a breakthrough in someones life, we never think about the thousands of little steps that may have gone into it. We mostly assume it was instant.
I have learnt to say one little prayer each morning. Dear God, please enable me do what i need to do today. I have not failed to do what is important in that day since i began to say this prayer.

May God enable you, to do what you need to do!

Living to please God

Until beginning of this year, i lived my entire life ashamed of myself, my looks. This was because the people who mattered so much in my life introduced me to myself that i was very ugly and worthless. I did not know any better, and so i believed them.
When more than four people you encounter in your formative years agree on such an issue, it is easy for you to trust them.

That led me to lead my life for others who took advantage of my ignorance and treated me so badly. I assumed i deserved the maltreatment, after all, they were doing me a favour to be part of my life.
Seven years ago i came to the Lord, but unfortunately due to lack of knowledge, as the Bible says, My people perish, i maintained my shame and feeling of unworthiness. Late last year, a neighbour friend introduced me to Bible study fellowship, i have been yearning to study the word. I joined when the study was on the life of Moses, i was amazed to learn that, despite Moses’ baggage, God called him to serve in a very important role. To deliver Gods people from captivity.
I immediately knew that God does not look at our eniquities, He loves us and will go with us on any assignment He gives us. Regardless of our looks. God then healed me of the low self esteem i have carried my whole life.
I realized i need to encourage someone who may be undergoing the same depriving self condemnation.
Just over three weeks ago, my friend, Ruth, who introduced me to BSF passed on suddenly on a bright Sunday afternoon. This sad occurance really jolted me to my core! You can be here one minute and gone in the next! To think that i spent decades looking down upon myself, because of names other mortal humans tagged me, instead of living and celebrating Gods goodness to me, is annoying. But hey, i do not have any more time to waste on negativity! I shall live to please my creator, God! I shall rejoice and be glad for His goodness to me! Am liberated from any condemnation through His son Jesus Christ who died on the cross for me! Alleluia!