Yesterday as i listened to my Bishop teach on his ongoing series, It Is ENOUGH which the Reverend started a few Sundays ago, it suddenly hit me! When the Reverend started preaching on this title, i knew it was meant for me. I had just been led to this Church after months of struggling with the holy spirit. Giving all manner of excuses, the Church is too far, the congragetion is too sophisticated for me. Eventually, it was an order, and when i got there, in twenty five minutes, far? Ha. The Reverend was beginning on this teaching. It was meant for me because, all my life i have lived with no self esteem, if there is such a phrase. This led me to avoid what i would love to do. Because i felt judged, useless, unworthy and shy. Back to yesterday, as the Bishop led the congragation to surrender all to God, ourselves, our shortcomings, our problems, everything. I suddenly got the revelation! The four major moves God made in my life that totally changed my life, i had completely surrender the situation to Him. God gave me exceeding breakthroughs beyond what i ever imagined! I knew God, but i had limited Him until this time. The first situation led me to salvation. My testimony i tell people is that, i met God, literally! And brought Him home with me. Yet, again as a human being, recently when God healed me of the low self esteem, completely, and i decided to take up my passion, i started struggling to do it myself. I was thinking of famous people to help me do it etc. This, despite my spiritually mature Husband telling me so frequently to focus on God, for He will lead me to my calling according to His will. So yesterday, when the Bishop led us to surrendered our burdens to Him, i suddenly got the revelation, that all i needed to do, is to focus on Him, and He shall order my steps to fulfilling my passion. And now, am peaceful. For i know, He will show up and show out!  And i know now, that what i have in me, what God created in me is ENOUGH! 2Corinthians 4:7.. So all i need is to give myself to Him, it is not easy, with our interlectual human mind. But, when you do it, you will be amazed at how much He will do.


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