God is detailed and perfect

Last thursday, our son, Denzel informed me that he was on his way, travelling by coach from Lancashire England, to Aberdeen Scotland. I got real concerned. Denzel could barely get his way around Nairobi. After we moved from Eastlands to Rongai, whenever he needed to visit his friends in eastlands, his younger brother would always accompany him. He is a natural explorer. Now he was telling me he was travelling so far, in a Country he has lived  in only three months. To make it worse, he would have to change coaches in Edinburgh for Aberdeen,     then change on to a train from Aberdeen to Huntly. His final destination. As a regular protective mother, everything that could go wrong ran through my mind, fast and furious! What if he gets attacked? What if he misses the coach or train? What if he takes a coach or train to the wrong direction? Then i remembered i had surrendered him to God as he left for England. I calmed down. Later that evening, he communicated from Edinburgh, and from Aberdeen and finaly at Huntly. I smiled. Sunday evening, he let me know of his safe arrival back in Lancaster. He had done it, with Gods guidance. Then It all came back to me. Denzel’s departure from Nairobi in March had been perfectly executed by God. He had been worried about checking in at the Airport and going through customs without taking the wrong turn or the wrong plane. I realized he was really concerned. As i bade him goodnight, i reminded him to set the alarm, his flights departure was 5.30am, we needed to be at the Airport by 3.30am to give him time to familiarize himself, besides, international flights need so much time for security checks etc. he was to set the alarm for 2.45am, this would give him time to freshen up before leaving. I awoke at 3.53am, yes, he apparently forgot to set the alarm, i did not hear mine. I rushed into his room and he was peaceful in his sleep. I yelled him out of his slumber, he had actualy played XBox until he fell asleep. I told him he only had time to brush his teeth and dress up. As we rushed out of the front door, i asked God to take over. It was already 4.18am. On our way to the airport, i took him through the motions, from placing his suitcase through security, check in and customs etc. i emphasized to him that, incase he was unsure of anything, he should ask airport staff. As we ground to a halt at the airport, about 4.45am, my wonderful son asks me, Mum, where do i begin? He had slept right through my talk! I ignored him, got his suitcases out, approached the security man, he offered to assist him through security, but concerned that he would make it. Five minutes later, he texted that he was on his way to the plane, accompanied by the check in clerk. Before i got to the airport gate, he texted that he was on a window sit in the flight. Relief enveloped me. Then i remembered, God knew Denzels concern and perfected his travel experiance by allowing us to be late, and having him taken through all the motions by the check in clerk. Isnt He awesome? His plans for us, even in the smallest things are perfect! If only we give Him the chance to do it His way. Jeremiah 29:11


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