God whispers. He does not yell

A few years back, i asked Davis, our youngest son to accompany me to Buruburu Shopping centre. I intended to withdraw money from the ATM and give him some to buy lunch, prepare and take lunch to our youngest daughter in school. Davis had completed his primary Education and was waiting to join High school. Davis trodded behind me, a young teen obviously did not want to walk by my side, lest i hold his hand which would be an abomination incase we ran into his friends.

He listened to music through the earphones, and simultaneously played a game. Once or twice i had asked him to keep up with my pace and stop playing with the phone.

We got to the ATM, at least i assumed so. I entered, and found three other customers. After withdrawing cash, my phone slipped through my fingers, somehow as i fumbled to put the money in my handbag. I bent down to pick it up, in pieces ofcourse, but not ruined. As soon as i got all the pieces in my hand, a car screeched to a stop outside in the packing, and before i could straightain myself, a gunshot rented the air. Impulsively, i dashed for the door, yelling out, Davis! Before i could get my hand on the door, a second gunshot, and a voice yelling at me, as i crashed on the floor, Do you now want to die with your son? Wouldnt you rather stay alive! By this time i was flat on the floor, this man, a fellow customer had pulled me down. And another gunshot sounded. I managed to whisper, Davis. And i heard him answer me, as clear as if he lay beside me.” sema mum”? His usual way of answering to my call. By this time two other gunshots had sounded…and a car driven very fast too left the parking lot. When i heard Davis’ response to my whisper, an insurmmountable peace engulfed me. We heard the Police who were at the door of the bank talk to each other and came out.

Turns out, Davis did not see me enter the ATM, so he went inside the bank upstairs instead. He had seen everything that happened. Thugs had driven into the parking lot at high speed, hence the screeching tyres, two had meanwhile dropped off at an mpesa outlet next door. So the gunshots were an exchange between the police by the bank and the gangsters. Meaning if my phone had not dropped, i would probably have been caught in the crossfire. And if Davis had seen me enter and waited outside for me, he would probably have been caught in the middle. And all this time, Davis was completely at peace because he assumed i was inside the bank.

The  most amazing thing, is how God whispered to me that Davis was well. Because he ofcourse did not hear me whisper his name, neither did he answer back. It was God! And He gave me the peace. God whispers to us. If you listen, you hear Him, clearly!


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