God is Always on Time

I call our youngest daughter ‘my joy’. This has got nothing to do with how she came into this World. It is actually everything to do with how Mighty God is!
When i was thirty six weeks pregnant with Dove, her real name, i went in to see a Doctor due to my frequent fainting spells. I was accompanied by her dad. I was not attending ante natal clinic as required. The Doctors verdict was that, i had to undergo a ceacerian because my blood level was only 5.4, extremely low for an expectant mother. He explained that the operation would enable them control my bleeding as they would transfuse blood in me as well.
As we left, he emphasized to us. He said bluntly that, a natural birth would almost definately leave me dead, due to bleeding.
Two weeks later on friday evening, i went into labour. Things went completely opposite of what we had planned. By saturday evening, i was still in labour, in the house. Fast foward to monday morning, after trying to push the baby half the night without success.
I said to God, am unable to do this. Please God, deal with this whichever way!

At this time i was alone in my bedroom, door locked as i did not want my other children to know what was happening. After those words, i unlocked the door. Then got the urge to kneel down. I felt like clearing my throat, and when i did, Dove came out, screaming! Yes, i only cleared my throat, after pushing for many hours without success!
God had just delivered my joy! The children came running in, they heard her screams. First in was Faith, a very courageous girl, our first born. She ran back and returned with a razor, cut the umbilical cord. Soon later, she had bathed the baby, dressed her and even named her! Dennis our second had already taken care of the placenta by disposing it. I was being waited on by children, perfectly. Better than i would be in a private hospital. This was definately God incharge!

Three days later, we nearly lost Dove to a choking accident. Due to my prolonged pushing, i suffered a rectal prolapse, i was in excruciating pain, and hence unable to breastfeed her. I was unable to sit. So Faith fed her milk and water by spoon. On this night she choked as our househelp fed her. Faith grabbed her from the househelp, dashed out of the compound, running towards the neighbourhood Doctor. It was shortly before 8pm. The doctor closed at 7pm.. As i shouted this information to Faith, she ignored me and just ran on, i followed, despite the pain. When Faith got to the clinic door, the doctor too pulled up in his car. He jumped out of the car, took the baby from Faith and dashed inside, the nurse was just preparing to lock up for the night. Dove was Resuscitated.
Turned out that the doctor had forgotten his house keys at the clinic. On his way home, just before turning into his estate, he remembered and drove back to the clinic, hoping to get there before the nurse locked up. Little did he know that, God was presicing this for Doves sake.

Yes, God is never late. He is always strictly on time. Just give Him your troubles, and see how He turns them into your joy!


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