His must be the silent voice

A little over a month ago, i left home early morning for Church. I was part of the audience for recording a reality TV program. It was still dark, so i had my lights on.
As we waited for the recording to begin, i had a nagging thought to go and get juice which i had left in the car. But i kept shrugging it off.

In the afternoon during the break, the thought got stronger, but i ignored.

Just before the recording ended, the rain came down with a vengeance. As i left Church, all i wanted was to drive home to the welcoming warmth.
As i got close to the car in the pouring rain, the remote would not open it. I opened it manualy and proceeded to ignite it urgently. Nothing! Turned off and tried again, nothing!
It then downed on me as my mind reflected back. Yes, i could not remember turning the lights off. Yes, the battery was dead! What a time, what a situation. It was now going to eight, it had been a long day, but, thankfully an exciting and educative one.
I went to the gate and requested the guards to assist me. They pushed, but i was unable to start it.

Just then, pastor David appeared, and turns out he had a jump starter.It ignited on the first attempt. Thanks be to God!

Just over a week ago, On my way back, from attending a women’s meeting at Church, it started raining, I turned my fog lights on. I got home and hurriedly went to the house.
Half hour later, i got this silent thought to look at the car through the window. It was Saturday. Sunday morning i leave for Church early. I ignored it. A few minutes later, i noticed a moth on my curtain, i went to make it fly away through the window. Without any thought, i glanced at the car, and there! The lights were on!

This had to be God! I would have had a real hard time looking for a neighbour with a jump start to assist me on a Sunday morning. Majority of my neighbours sleep in on Sundays. It would have been a very frustrating Sunday morning for me.
As usual, He came through for me!


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