Spiritual Gifts from God

Yesterday in our morning prayer session before Worship, a fellow member of the evangelical group asked me if i speak in tongues. I said no. He then decided that we all hold hands so he can pray for me and another young man to recieve the gift. He did not give me time to accept or refuse. According to the longer serving members of the group, this gift is instant when one is prayed for.
I would have said no. I wonder, in Church are we as members allowed to say no to things we are uncomfortable with? Can this be seen as a sign of disobedience?
I believe that God gives us the gifts He knows have significance in His will for us. Gifts we can use to propel us in our purpose in serving Him.

Back to yesterday, ten minutes later of praying in tongues and asking the holy spirit to fill us and ordering us to start speaking in tongues, nothing was happening, neither from the young man nor i.
A few minutes later he stopped praying. I felt rather awkward and wondered, did i not recieve this “instant” gift as expected from the longer serving group members because i doubted from the word go, or was it because its not in Gods plan for me? The other young man had no success either, and i could not help but wonder if he too doubted, or if it just was not in Gods plan for Him.
This got me thinking, is it right for the brethren to decide what another needs or should have, or is this Gods decision? After all, God is the Almighty, and He will do what He wants to do anytime anyhow.
I think we should all leave it to individuals to pray and serve God according to their own leading from God. This will eliminate the discomfort caused to new believers or new comers in Church. Too many expectations from other members may discourage them and make them feel inadequate or lessor Christians.1Corinthians 12:4-11


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