Are some tragedies avoidable?

There has been so much debate lately regarding wives attacking their husbands and injuring their genitals. Both in media and social media people have been giving their thoughts. It is a terrible thing to happen in such an intimate relationship. Unfortunately there is much animosity preceding such attacks. Usually, such attacks i believe are long coming. But if you are in that situation, you never really realize that it could end up that way. Because you get used to the threats and assume it is just that. Empty threats!
I cannot take sides, because you can never know how it started, not that i support violence, but then people are different. We all react differently in different situations. I personally avoid fights like the plague. Thankfully, i do not even know how to fight physically.

This reminded me of one particular incident in my own home years back. I was in an intensely abusive relationship, in this particular incident, he had tried to put the house on fire. His last matchstick jammed, he left the house to go buy another. I locked the door behind him and would not open for him when he returned. He called the police on me. I opened the door because i felt safe in the presence of the police. They asked for my side of the story, i narrated to them. They then asked him to repeat his story, he went berserk! Threatening to kill me, himself or both of us.

The police then passed their verdict. One of them told me he had been in the police force for thirteen years. And, normally, cases such as ours, always end up in tragedy. They end up picking up a corpse.
Before it gets there, would it not be wise to re evaluate the relationship?
I highly doubt that God created us for lives with so much strife.


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