We should always give thanks to God

Enter His courts with thanksgiving! If for nothing else, just for the fact that you are alive!
Yesterday i read the sad headline on social media that Whitney Houston’s daughter, Bobbi Brown
Was being discharged from the health institution where she has been for months now, to be taken home to “die” peacefully in her mother’s home.

What a tragedy! What a wasted young soul. A young person who had all the material necessities of life going on for her. A young lady who never lacked anything in her life. Later in the evening, i watched a heartbreaking documentary on child coffee pickers in Guatemala. I could not hold back my tears. What an ugly contrast in life!
An eight year old boy, working on a coffee farm all day long, assisting his parents to make barely enough money for their meals. A boy who had no choice where to be born. At this very tender age, all he has ever known is work, hunger and misery i believe.

His father was asked about his future hopes, he said his only hope is that he is able to feed his family daily. How sad? Ofcourse at this rate, there is not much hope of change in this family, unless God intervenes.
These children are picking coffee instead of going to school, so how can their lives change, yet they just as their parents lives are at the mercy of the coffee farm owners?

But, the good book tells us that, we should give thanks in everything. I know God is the Almighty, and everything works together for good, to those who love the Lord.
And He sees everything, and knows everything.

Today, as i look back on my difficult childhood, i give thanks and praise! For He Has been good to me! He has given me so much peace that surpasses all understanding!

Thank you God for being so good to me!


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