While we wait on God

via WordPress.com.Our first born daughter, Faith was an intriguing baby, she still is, i think. At seven months old, even a little earlier i believe, she started practising walking secretly. Whenever she was alone in a room, she would teach herself to walk. What she did not know is that, when i discovered i would walk out of the room then peep through the keyhole or window. Faith was born prematurely at six and half months. She was the tiniest infant i have ever seen. Whenever someone entered the room she would hurriedly sit down.

When she perfected her walking, which did not take much time, she just stood up and walked to show off her well earned self taught skill.
This crossed my mind as i thought about many Christians today after attending a women’s convention recently. We seem to clammer for instant miracles so much.
Seven years ago when i was born again, the only instant miracle i got was huge, my son was completely healed of asthma! Aside from that, God has unfolded so much in our lives, enabling me to do what i need to do, in tiny steps. Looking back now, it is so amazing the blessings He has bestowed upon us.

I learnt along the way that, this steps are mandatory, as you make them, He opens the way and things fall in place. I also learnt that you need to know what you want, need. And it is alot earsier when your desire is in Gods will for you. But, you must still do your part, and He sure will show up and out big time! When we see the manifestation of a breakthrough in someones life, we never think about the thousands of little steps that may have gone into it. We mostly assume it was instant.
I have learnt to say one little prayer each morning. Dear God, please enable me do what i need to do today. I have not failed to do what is important in that day since i began to say this prayer.

May God enable you, to do what you need to do!


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