Gods grace is sufficient!

In a recently concluded Women’s Conference i attended, one of the speakers shared her testimony with us. She took us through a horrific accident she had that left her with a broken leg, not once, but thrice! Three different accidents on the same leg! The excruciating pain she experianced. I could almost feel the pain as she recounted the ordeal, and the operations involved thereafter.

This testimony truly affected me. I realized just how much blessed i am, never having broken a bone in my life. My Husband too shared his pain when he had broken his collar bone in a cycling accident. The excruciating pain he had lived with for some time.
I was affected because, generally, we never appreciate Gods grace that keeps us safe on a daily basis. We take our health for granted and complain about everything else, and wish for things that are not necessarily important, until we are sick then suddenly, we are begging for healing.

Am blessed with strong healthy legs, sadly i never found it necessary to thank God for them. I guess i just assumed thats the norm, my right. Almost all my life i have never even appreciated them as a blessing. My Children and Husband compliment me, and instead i brush it off. I even complained when my husband bought me high shoes. He wanted my legs to be well cared for,this was his way of appreciating Gods creation. As Thanksgiving to God for blessing me with them, but i looked at it as a waste of money. Until i heard her testimony. Now am thanking God for them, and all my body parts, because now i know, it is not a right, but a blessing, to have everything healthy and working for me on my body.

We should be thankful for every ‘small’ thing the good Lord Has blessed us with. And we should know that God protects us from so much harm in our daily lives! So i will give thanks each and everyday!


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