Murmuring and Complaining is a sin

Our son Dennis was a very calm and peaceful child. I never spanked Dennis once from childhood. Even as an infant, he rarely cried. When he learnt how to talk, which he did much earlier than most toddlers, he would just calmly ask for whatever it was he wanted.
The only frustrating tendency he had was one of dismantling any toy i bought him, to assemble it again in his own way. Well, this did not bother me so much, because eventually he would get it right, at least in his own way and play with it.

Dennis never got involved in fights with other children. When he was in class three i believe, a child in school poked his eye with a pencil. Despite the pain, he did not report to the teacher. Neither did he tell me. This happened on a wednesday. Yet he continued attending school without complaining, and actualy hiding the hurt eye from the teacher and i.
On saturday afternoon i came home to find his eye grey. He was in excruciating pain, yet he still came to meet me at the gate. He could not hide it anymore. We went immediately to Nairobi Hospital, only to find that the ENT specialist on call was in Nakuru. We waited for the longest three hours before he arrived.all this time Dennis sitting beside me, as calm as can be. His prognosis was that, it was too late to repair the damage, that he would just treat the infection. This meant that my baby was going to be blind in one eye.

I could not take this. I left the hospital, asking God for a solution. When i got home, a colleague called me, and impulsively i asked him if he knew a good optician, he gave me a name. I called him immediately and he instructed me to meet him at his office in the CBD.
He got there before us. And saved our sons eye. My little boys calm helped me focus on God. If he had been screaming and complaining, i would probably have accepted the prognosis and not asked for Gods guidance.
I have encountered very few uncomplaining people, including myself. Am so blessed because, aside from one of my sons and myself, the rest of our children, including my husband are not complainers.
A complaining spirit retards us in our growth in Christ and in our own life. I pray that God enables me to be thankful for everything, including those i percieve as little. Complaining and murmuring displeases God as we read in the book of Numbers.


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