Contentment 1Timothy 6:5-8

A few years back, soon after i got married and my Husband gave me capital for a business i was quite conversant with, i got so excited. Suddenly i realized that i was very late in accumulating property and money.
I started the business of importing cars from Japan with so much enthusiasm. After all, i thought, i was late in prospering. I worked hard, i wanted to assist in the running of the family financialy.

This did not seem to be going well. Each time i imported a car, i would encounter a myriad of problems. It would either be delayed in Japan, sometime the cars would get to Mombasa and number plates would not be available. I would then incur extra costs for demurrage etc.
Soon later a lady i knew from primary school got in touch with me, soon later i accepted to start importing used household goods from Germany. My Husband agreed and invested a lot of this venture too.
I had constant set backs in this business from the start. Finding the right space in the right location was a real challenge. Finally i found a place. The goods arrived and i set up shop. The merchandise were not really what i expected, but i delved into it anyway.

It became an uphill task, the car business was not flourishing despite my long time experiance, neither was the shop. My Husband raised his concerns, but i was of the opinion that it was just a matter of time. He on the other hand felt this was not my purpose.
After some time, i listened to him and decided i would close down the shop. I used to open on Sundays to give my working customers service.
On one particular Sunday, i asked my Husband what he thought of my working on Sundays, he told me its very clear that Sunday is a day of rest for Christians, and added that, if God wishes to bless you on Sunday, He would make the customer find you. I decided i would not open again on Sunday. Two hours later, a would be customer called, we agreed to meet at the shop. We met up later in the evening, she liked one set of sofa, what she wanted, her children liked another, and her husband liked the other. Long story short, i sold three sets of sofas worth so much on the day i was closed!
I learnt a huge lesson from that. God blesses us whenever wherever. All we need to do is be content with where we are, do our part and wait upon Him. He can never fail us. As for my rush to make money, i learnt with humility that, nothing i can do without His blessing can prosper!
Am now very content, peaceful and happy! Needless to say, i lost so much money in this ventures. But He Has done so much for me! According to His will for me!

May He enable you to be content, where you are, for He shall sure raise you, in His perfect time!


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