We should strive to Obey Him

Yesterday at the DOZ meeting, as Reverend Kathy preached to us, i looked around once again, the women filled up the huge Sanctuary. I wondered silently, how many of us would persue the word she was giving us. Very powerful word indeed!
The topic was, HE IS LORD! I wondered how many of us truly grasp that concept. And are willing to seek Him with all our mind and all our being.

The Reverend shared with us a story from her youth, she was in love with someone else, she nearly married him despite her familiy’s lack of support for him. Until God intervened and literally told her he was not the one.
Thankfully, she was not only prayerful, but obedient too. How many of us are obedient? How many would leave a relationship we have invested time and emotions into if God asks us to?

Am one of those who did not listen to Gods whisper, that i was getting into the wrong relationship, but did not obey. I went ahead and lived with this man for many miserable years. Because at the time, i felt he was doing me a favour by living with me, this is because i felt unworthy.
That is trusting in man and not God! We all get into relationships we know deep down are not ordained by God, but, because we prefer satisying our flesh, we go ahead. It could just be friends, who lead you to sin. If you are like me, you probably do not have many friends. I decided i would rather have no friends, than have friends who will make my life miserable.

Friends are meant to bring out the best in each other, be there for one another. A true friend should be honest enough to tell you the truth if you are going the wrong direction, they should care enough to correct you. And loving enough to uplift you, be the source of your encouragement and be happy for your achievements.
When you have friends that lie to you about themselves, are jealous of you, friends who think friendship is a competition, then you are better off without them.

Thankfully, Jesus is a wonderful, awesome friend! He will always be there for you, no matter what. All you need to do is just call on Him. He is available, within you.

And so, when i called upon God, after finally obeying Him and walking out of my abusive relationship, a life i believed i deserved, He answered promptly!
God matched me up with a wonderful man of God who loves me, just as i am. And for the first time in my life, am experiancing the joy of being loved, and loving. Aside from loving and being loved by my wonderful Children. Is there anything too hard for God? Genesis 18:14. The beauty of a God ordained marriage is that, it has no strife. Because solving your differences comes so easy. Each one knows their place, hence the peace. If you obey Him, let Him take the reigns of your life, He will never disappoint you! For He is the Author of your life, and knows the best partner or friend for you!


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