Last Saturday evening, i got a call from our son Davis, he was frantic! His undergarments were missing. He is in boarding school. He wanted me to stop everything and rush to his rescue with a few pairs.

Our daughter Della was home for mid terms, i was enjoying company which i miss since march when everyone leaves home for school. I told him my week was choca block, so i would try on saturday. I had other errands to run and so saturday was the only day i would be free in the afternoon.

Nearly a year ago when i closed down my business, all my “friends” felt i was foolish, and told me so. But my husband had made me understand that, Children must take priority over making money. And in my business, i was loosing more than i was profiting. When i came to terms with my new role as a full time Mom and wife, i imagined a very lonely and idle life. Because even our youngest, Dove was going to high school.

Nothing prepared me for such an accelerating, exciting and fulfilled journey. Yesterday, i dropped Della back to school, and it was tears for her, missing mum already. I gave a shoulder and the reassurance that closing day is closer than she thinks. Later i shared with my husband the complete weeks plan. At night Davis called again, i told him i would do it on thursday.

But, when i woke up this morning, i decided to surprise him. From yesterdays wiping away Dellas tears, today it was an exciting relief from Davis when i got to school. Its almost impossible to work with a plan. You just have to run with whats priority first.
Turns out that this morning they were told they will be going to the National Theater on thursday. If i had followed my schedule, i would have missed him! I believe that was Gods whisper this morning that i go.

My days and nights are so fulfilled. There is always a child who is happy about his exam results and wants to share. Another may be facing a challenge and needs encouragement or support from mum.
Yet another may be excited for having scored a goal for his team. The satsfaction that am available when they need me is awesome! Bearing in mind that, its just a matter of time until they are all grown up and independent.
Beinng a fultime mom and wife is an awesome job especially if you are blessed with a caring, responsible and organized husband.

I must thank my Husband for giving me the opportunity to experience this wonderful season in my life!
And God for giving me such a wonderful Family!


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