Our Past

Our past is very significant in our present.
And so i was really inspired when President Obama in his flawless speech said that, we need to embrace our past. But we must not let it define us.
This as he, acknowledged being born of a father from Kenya, a humble background, which soon became independent from the British colonialists. He went further and shared a bit on how his grandfather, a world war two veteran in Burma worked as a servant in a British masters home.
The humiliation he underwent, being called a boy despite his mature age.

He also shared a little of frustrations his newly returned American educated father faced in the then government whose president, ironically was the father of his present host, the current president of kenya.
He shared the struggles he faced too, as a black American.
My husband has always encouraged me to appreciate my past, but not let it define me. He always encourages me to be the best person i can be, through Christ who strengthens me.
Today, we have thousands of motivational speakers, all trying to make us reach out far beyond our ability, or purpose.

I have learnt one important thing, especially from life experiance and my husbands teaching. Its obvious that we cannot all become presidents. Neither can we all be millionairs. Even if we were all given a million each, to start our life race with it, some would have spent all their million in a month, others in two months, and others yet will have doubled their million in the same period. Others even tripled it

One thing is clear to me, our efforts and achievements are not necessarily for our personal benefit, in our generation. But for our children, grandchildren and a generation as a whole.
So, i have come to a conclution. All i need to do is be the best Adah i can be! As a mother, a wife, a speaker and writer.
Everyone should simply be the best they can be, wether you are a cleaner, your work should stand out. If you are a driver, strive to be the best, with Gods help. If you are a manager, be the best that you can be! And in all this, you may end up mothering a president, being a grandfather to a minister and so on.. After all, if all of could afford a range rover, wouldnt Toyota go out of business? The result, lots of people would loose jobs. And who would wash the range rovers?
We all have our part to play. Our God given assignment..just do yours the best you can! And be happy and thankful while you are at it!

May God enable me, to be the best Adah i should be!


What Do You See?

Set your mind on things above, not on things on the earth (Colossians 3:2 NKJV).
For many years, i asked God to touch my brothers heart so he could assist me financially by paying school fees for one of my children who had been admitted to a local public university.
This particular brother had the financial means of assisting me, and i believed he was the only one God could use to uplift me.

How wrong i was! This led to many years of me going round the same circle. Wasted time!
I speak to a number of young women, and majority have a similar mindset on their desired spouse. He must be good looking, own a good car, live in an affluent area, have a great job or own a vibrant business. I do not blame their short sightedness in their vision. They desire what they see in todays world. They see couples who are well to do in Church and everywhere else. And unfortunately, the society today believes that success is mainly having a large mansion, big cars and millions in your account.

Evidently, most of these young women desire what the public defines as the perfect life. Meaning their desires are rooted in their minds, and not in their hearts.
The Bible tells us clearly, that God gives us the desires of our hearts. Psalms 37:4
God does not want us to want what we see with others, because He created us differently and will bless us differently. But ultimately, His plans for your future are perfect. He does not need our help by praying for Him to give us a particular spouse because of his visible riches. God sees our hearts, and someones outlook does not necessarily reveal their inner person. When you ask God to give you a spouse, you should not dictate to Him, in this way, God will give you the perfect person for you. They may not be what you envisioned, from my experiance, Gods choices may look quite absurd to our human mind. But, when you seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness, everything else shall be added unto you. This applies even in whatever you need in life. All you need is to trust Him, completely. For nothing is impossible for Him. Luke 1:37

We should never base our desires on other peoples lives, or riches. It is wise to ask God to bless us according to His will for us. You may be admiring what someone else has, craving and praying for it. And not getting it because it is not Gods will for you, yet, Gods will for you is much more than you can imagine. And all He does is wait for you to get the revelation and allow Him to have His way in your life.

that’s why it is essential that we renew our minds so we can see the bigger picture. The more we focus on God and magnify Him in our lives the clearer His will for us becomes.

May He enable me to seek Him with all my heart and mind!

Do NOT Worry

Then Jesus said to His disciples, therefore, do not worry about your life. What you will eat, or about your body, what you will wear.luke 12:22

Before i was born again, i was an expert worrier! As i served the children breakfast, i would be worrying about lunch. How i would get it, where i would get the money. I would worry how soon it would be before the children were sent home for fees. My job was to worry. Sadly, i even prided myself as a qualified worrier. I would ask the children to be silent, i needed a silent and tranquil environment to worry comfortably.

I worried about everything. If my abusive partner was home, i worried how soon he would get money to go drinking. If he was out, i worried in what state of drunkeness he would return, and how abusive he would be. All that i gained from this worrying sprees was anxiety, frustration and misery.

When i met God, i felt this heavy burden i had been carrying on my shoulders lift off, literally! I found a peace, surpassing my understanding. I stopped worrying from that day on.
And am amazed how God started working in my life. I would be home, with no money, clueless of what we would eat. But suddenly, a thought would just pop in my mind, for example, the half packet wheat flour from a previous meal was in the house, and, i should borrow four cups of beans from Mueni, and pap! We would have a meal.

Am glad i never went back to my worry days. I have maintained a dependance on God, and this has made my life easy and happy. What i can confidently tell you is that, God has NEVER run out of ideas for me in whatever situation i may be facing which would naturally require worry!
All i do is give it to Him and go about my life calmly. Its not easy, but the minute you understand that, there is really NOTHING you can do on your own without His help, then it gets real easy. Luke 12:25

I must confess that the greatest miracle i recieved was salvation. I thank God for this awesome miracle that liberated my life!
May God enable you, my readers to experiance the revelation in Luke 12:22-32. I encourage you to meditate upon this scripture. Glory be to God!

In Sync with God

I enjoy watching Enjoying everyday life with Joyce Meyer. Her preaching ministers to me greatly, its simplified and i can easily relate to it.
A few weeks ago, she said that, God wants tonparticipate fully in our life. As there is nothing big to God, He expects to order our each and every step daily.
These small steps ultimately direct our paths to His purpose for us.

Then two weeks ago, a would be rather Inconsequential thing happened. As i matched up my little nice black jacket, a perfect fit that was tailored for me to a dress i was planning to wear, i realized i had won it atleast three times in the last five days. It fits me perfectly, i just love how it makes me look! I made a mental note to put aside some money, when it becomes available for another one to be tailored, Black definately, because it goes with any colour. Two would be better, especially in this cold season.

I was going to town to see a dentist, that morning. As i walked through the bus station, my mind already at the dentist’s, a man called out, “koti za kamera mia mbili mbili”. My spirit instantly directed me to have a look. My mind reasoned that i should walk on to my appointment. I passed by a few steps, then turned back.

From the huge heapnof coats, I picked up a black jacket, it was my perfect fit, black tailored just like my favorite jacket, which i had worn. The only difference was that it had three front buttons instead of one like the one i had on. As good as new. And the price, two hundred shillings! A little fraction of what it would have costed to get one made.
Joyce Meyer came to mind. And i understood that, if we listen and depend on God in every little step, He leads you to everything good for you. His grand plan is unleashed bit by bit, daily. Unfortunately most times, we choose to ignore, and hence the delayed victory most of us experiance.

May God open my spiritual mind, eyes and ears, may He enable me to obey His every order, day by day!

Letting our guard down

Recently, my Husband and i decided to walk to Maasai lodge as part of keeping physically fit.
We got to the junction to Maasai lodge, but my courageous Husband decided that we could walk down the road to the Kenya wildlife service gate a kilometer away. I was not thrilled with his suggestion, but, since he was already walking down, i followed him.
This is because that road is deserted, and there is no fence seperating it from the park.

As we walked on, we could see so much dung, obviously from big animals such as giraffes and buffalos. I murmered a prayer to God to protect us. In my heart, i was completely at peace. But my mind would not stop visualizing a lion or such a dangerous wild animal creeping up on us. I tried to disuade him from walking on, but he just reminded me that we were together and walked on.

Finally, with so much relief, we came close to the river, bodering the camp where the gate is located. After lingering there for a while taking in the awesome view, we started back.
When we got back to the Maasai lodge junction, i erased the visions in my mind and thanked God for His protection under my breath.

As we walked back, very confident because of our familiarity to this road, and the fact that it was somehow busy with vehicles driving to the lodge, and even people walking along.
A few meters ahead, a man passed us on a bike and said hallo.
A few meters ahead, he suddenly stopped and brought to our notice, two Rhinos about seventy meters away from us. My heart almost skipped a beat. There was no fence to protect us from a possible attack.

I know how aggressive rhinos can be, atleast the stories i was told as a child said so.
I quickly surveyed the sorroundings and noticed a caterpillar bulldozer about the same distance from us in the opposite direction. I quickly calculated how fast we could get to it and climb up incase they attacked us.
My Husband on the other hand was completely calm. He told me the rhinos would have no reason to attack us.
As i settled down, i realised i had not even said a prayer, instead i had panicked. I noted that, there had been no threat of danger where i had expected it. And in my familiar environment, we suddenly faced danger. I then became peaceful as i remembered that God is in us all the time. And He knew we would have this encounter, and He was protecting us.
I noted that, most times when we are confident in ourselves, in familiar circumstances, we may just be the most vulnerable! We need Gods protection consistently. Most times we are attacked when we let our guard down, God. When we are in situations we assume we can handle on our own.

May God enable me to be aware of His presence in me continually, and to depend on His protection entirely in familiar and unfamiliar situations!

Divine Protection

When i look back on my life, growing up, i thank God for His protection which i was not aware of.
Last night an incident that happened when i was nine came to mind. We were in the house, about eight in the night. My oldest brother having had too much to drink as had become customary was yelling at my older sister. My Mum was home too, but she was not interested in intervening, or perhaps she was afraid.
He had a habit of making noise to us, even beating us, his younger siblings whenever he was drunk, which he was quite often.

On this occassion, as he stood in the middle of the tiny living room, hands in his pockets. My mum watching from her bedroom which was barely two meters away, sitting on her bed with the door open. My older sister sitting on one of the two armchairs in the house, across from me. I was sitting on a table chair, dangling my legs which were short hence unable to touch the floor. My younger brother sat next to my sister on the other comfortable armchair. Noone dared say anything.

Suddenly, my brother stopped mid sentence, asked my sister to get him a big stick, there was always one in the house for my mums disciplinary measures on us. He held my hand bringing me to my feet. My sister dashed for the stick. Mum yelled at him, what has Adah done now? He ignored her. My sister back with a stick, obviously relieved that she was not to be beaten. My brother asked her to get a bigger one, and as if God spoke to her, she brought a real thick one, almost like a small branch of a tree. Handed it to him obediently, my brother then pushed me towards the armachair, moved the table chair i had been sitting on carefully. And alas! A black mamba was coiled, head up, tongue out, ready to strike! He hit it on the head with all his force, it went limp. He struck it again, and it died.

I was unable to sleep well the next week or so, having nightmares on what would have happened.

A few years later, i had another encounter with a huge python. We were in a thicket with my younger brother, unprooting ‘Mugombera’ an eatable root. We did this frequently whenever we were hungry with nothing to eat. As i stood admiring the large leaves of the mugombera, which signified mature roots, i felt something watching me. My brother was on the slope uprooting his find, we only had one hoe, so i would get my turn when he was finished. As my eyes followed the leaves downward, for a second i stopped breathing, transfixed as my eyes met the pythons tiny eyes. I called out to my brother to run! On a narrow path, i let him go ahead. Two men walking towards us asked what the matter was, all i could say was snake! They ran to the direction, and a minute later they were running behind us. They seemed to have lost the direction they were originally going towards! Thats how large that python was. I leave everything to your imagination.

As for me, am a hundred percent sure that God protected me in both incidents.

God protects us from so much harm both seen and unseen adversities.

May God enable me to be aware of my sorroundings all the time even as He protects me from any harm, seen and unseen adversities.

Prompting of The Spirit

This Morning for the first time, i understood the scripture, Romans 7:6. That we are to follow the prompting of the holy spirit in us for our daily living.
Later, i had a tough time deciding wether to leave my cosy sofa and go for my three kilometer walk or not. I knew my spirit wanted the walk, but my lazy and cold body fought against it. The walk is healthy but the body will still resist. Just as our mind resists Gods will for our life. Besides, i have been walking long enough with my mouth. Typical of human nature.
Finaly, i decided to walk.

I was so refreshed as i walked back to my house, triumphant and feeling good.
As i sat on the balcony, watching birds fly by, i thought again of what i learnt from the scripture in Romans. The prompting of the holy spirit, is what we are expected to live by as Christians. The birds sore as high as possible. Some go higher than others. At some point, they stop flapping their wings and just fly effortlessly.

I did not see any smaller birds which are naturally unable to sore too high attempt to. They just went the highest they could, and enjoyed themselves, i believe.
Now, birds of the air do not sow, nor reap. But they are fed daily, year in year out.
I realized they follow the simple rule from God, just do what you are created to do and leave your concerns, worries and anxieties to Him. Afterall, He knows us from the end to the beginning.

We waste so much time in our life wanting to be like so and so. Acquire this and that. Most of the time, not even for yourself, but for public opinion.
I was reminded of my son Dennis. After high school, he told me he would go to college in America. By then, that was an unreachable dream, according to our circumstances. I had no money whatsoever. All i had was hope, and his faith in God. He would not change his mind, even a few years later. He would tell me that, he knew, that he knew that God would make it possible however long it took. A few years later, God did make it possible, i must add, miraculously! And God Has blessed him in that land. Dennis followed the prompting of the spirit. And waited for the appointed time, when there was no slightest sign in reality, that it would come to pass!
All we are required to do is to follow the prompting of the holy spirit. I believe if we do, we shall make very few mistakes. And we shall live fulfilled peaceful life because we shall be living in Gods blue print for us. His will for our life. Just like the birds of the air. With each species having its set highest flight it can make.

May God enable me to follow the prompting of the holy spirit who lives in me!