I watched a documentary on Liberia with disbelief! I know that the small African Country has had its share of strife from civil war for many years. But i assumed that the peace that has prevailed there for over a decade had enabled rebuilding of the devastation.
It was shocking to know that the things we take for granted here are a daily struggle there.
I learnt that electricity and water are a precious and rare comodity in the capital city, Monrovia. Households with power are countable. A few apartments have generators, in this case there is the noise to contend with.

Old and mostly deserted buildings are the order in the central business district. What we call slums here are the basic formal settlements for majority of the city dwellers.
Roads are impassible with large pot holes.
But then even right here in Kenya, there are areas you cannot really wish to be born. Places like North Eastern, Pokot and Turkana. What with all the hardships brought about by harsh climate, cattle rustling and frequent clashes among clans which leave tens of deaths.

Am very grateful for having been born in a very calm and peaceful part of Kenya. And i did not choose to be born there. Nobody chooses where to be born, colour, tribe or nationality. People who come from hardship areas are no lessor than the others. How often do we realize the unsolicited blessings we have, by birth, and Just be grateful for them? We find so much to complain and murmur about instead. We are caught up in the competions of the world, always wanting this and that. Getting stressed over nothing really, more of luxuries, that we can live without.

Watching that documentary humbled me, in comparison to the power blackouts we get here, Kenya is Heaven! Ofcourse i have been always grateful for my rural home location.
But now am thankful even for the traffic jams, because despite them, our roads are much much better as they were ten or so years ago.
No matter the challenges of our daily life, we must find something to be thankful for.

May God enable me to be thankful for the many big and little things i take for granted!


2 thoughts on “Gratitude

  1. good post again.and if you look at the places with themost unhappy people, the highest suicide rates etc.- this are not thehardship places.One could belief mankind is totally mad.



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