Yesterday i stumbled upon Reverend Teresia Wairimu preaching on one of the local television channels. The title of her teaching was, Standing in Your Assignment. The teaching was so refreshing. She explained that, God gives us the grace to carry out our assignment. Definately if its in Gods will.

In many Churches today, they prefer to preach about sowing seed and getting instant results. The good Reverend differed from this. She explained that, even in your God given assignment, you have to do your part. And it does not mean that its smooth sailing throughout. She preached that, you may encounter challenges, but what is important is that, you have grace from God to go through any storms that may come your way.

For some reason, most of us prefer quick fixes in our lives. A high percentage of Christians do not even know what their purpose on earth is, myself included. The bottom line is we want what others have. A luxurious life. We never stop to think how the others made it. If they did, legally or illegally. This causes us to clammer for instant miracles, which are promised through giving seed in most Churches. I highly doubt that God cares for our giving much, as He cares about our hearts. Our right standing with Him.

I wonder how many get their dream miracles fulfilled after planting seed. Yet the Bible is very clear, seek ye first the Kingdom of God. The Good Book also says that, God looks at our hearts. I believe the main problem is that, majority of us do not read the Bible much. The scripture says that, My people perish because of lack of knowledge.
If we read the Bible more, we would be knowledgeable enough to know that, with each promise, there is an instruction.

And i know that God will bless you according to His will in whatever your purpose may be.

My Prayer is that God enables me to read the Bible more, and fellowship with Him more, so i can have wisdom to do my assignment within His will.


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