Prompting of The Spirit

This Morning for the first time, i understood the scripture, Romans 7:6. That we are to follow the prompting of the holy spirit in us for our daily living.
Later, i had a tough time deciding wether to leave my cosy sofa and go for my three kilometer walk or not. I knew my spirit wanted the walk, but my lazy and cold body fought against it. The walk is healthy but the body will still resist. Just as our mind resists Gods will for our life. Besides, i have been walking long enough with my mouth. Typical of human nature.
Finaly, i decided to walk.

I was so refreshed as i walked back to my house, triumphant and feeling good.
As i sat on the balcony, watching birds fly by, i thought again of what i learnt from the scripture in Romans. The prompting of the holy spirit, is what we are expected to live by as Christians. The birds sore as high as possible. Some go higher than others. At some point, they stop flapping their wings and just fly effortlessly.

I did not see any smaller birds which are naturally unable to sore too high attempt to. They just went the highest they could, and enjoyed themselves, i believe.
Now, birds of the air do not sow, nor reap. But they are fed daily, year in year out.
I realized they follow the simple rule from God, just do what you are created to do and leave your concerns, worries and anxieties to Him. Afterall, He knows us from the end to the beginning.

We waste so much time in our life wanting to be like so and so. Acquire this and that. Most of the time, not even for yourself, but for public opinion.
I was reminded of my son Dennis. After high school, he told me he would go to college in America. By then, that was an unreachable dream, according to our circumstances. I had no money whatsoever. All i had was hope, and his faith in God. He would not change his mind, even a few years later. He would tell me that, he knew, that he knew that God would make it possible however long it took. A few years later, God did make it possible, i must add, miraculously! And God Has blessed him in that land. Dennis followed the prompting of the spirit. And waited for the appointed time, when there was no slightest sign in reality, that it would come to pass!
All we are required to do is to follow the prompting of the holy spirit. I believe if we do, we shall make very few mistakes. And we shall live fulfilled peaceful life because we shall be living in Gods blue print for us. His will for our life. Just like the birds of the air. With each species having its set highest flight it can make.

May God enable me to follow the prompting of the holy spirit who lives in me!


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