Divine Protection

When i look back on my life, growing up, i thank God for His protection which i was not aware of.
Last night an incident that happened when i was nine came to mind. We were in the house, about eight in the night. My oldest brother having had too much to drink as had become customary was yelling at my older sister. My Mum was home too, but she was not interested in intervening, or perhaps she was afraid.
He had a habit of making noise to us, even beating us, his younger siblings whenever he was drunk, which he was quite often.

On this occassion, as he stood in the middle of the tiny living room, hands in his pockets. My mum watching from her bedroom which was barely two meters away, sitting on her bed with the door open. My older sister sitting on one of the two armchairs in the house, across from me. I was sitting on a table chair, dangling my legs which were short hence unable to touch the floor. My younger brother sat next to my sister on the other comfortable armchair. Noone dared say anything.

Suddenly, my brother stopped mid sentence, asked my sister to get him a big stick, there was always one in the house for my mums disciplinary measures on us. He held my hand bringing me to my feet. My sister dashed for the stick. Mum yelled at him, what has Adah done now? He ignored her. My sister back with a stick, obviously relieved that she was not to be beaten. My brother asked her to get a bigger one, and as if God spoke to her, she brought a real thick one, almost like a small branch of a tree. Handed it to him obediently, my brother then pushed me towards the armachair, moved the table chair i had been sitting on carefully. And alas! A black mamba was coiled, head up, tongue out, ready to strike! He hit it on the head with all his force, it went limp. He struck it again, and it died.

I was unable to sleep well the next week or so, having nightmares on what would have happened.

A few years later, i had another encounter with a huge python. We were in a thicket with my younger brother, unprooting ‘Mugombera’ an eatable root. We did this frequently whenever we were hungry with nothing to eat. As i stood admiring the large leaves of the mugombera, which signified mature roots, i felt something watching me. My brother was on the slope uprooting his find, we only had one hoe, so i would get my turn when he was finished. As my eyes followed the leaves downward, for a second i stopped breathing, transfixed as my eyes met the pythons tiny eyes. I called out to my brother to run! On a narrow path, i let him go ahead. Two men walking towards us asked what the matter was, all i could say was snake! They ran to the direction, and a minute later they were running behind us. They seemed to have lost the direction they were originally going towards! Thats how large that python was. I leave everything to your imagination.

As for me, am a hundred percent sure that God protected me in both incidents.

God protects us from so much harm both seen and unseen adversities.

May God enable me to be aware of my sorroundings all the time even as He protects me from any harm, seen and unseen adversities.


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