Letting our guard down

Recently, my Husband and i decided to walk to Maasai lodge as part of keeping physically fit.
We got to the junction to Maasai lodge, but my courageous Husband decided that we could walk down the road to the Kenya wildlife service gate a kilometer away. I was not thrilled with his suggestion, but, since he was already walking down, i followed him.
This is because that road is deserted, and there is no fence seperating it from the park.

As we walked on, we could see so much dung, obviously from big animals such as giraffes and buffalos. I murmered a prayer to God to protect us. In my heart, i was completely at peace. But my mind would not stop visualizing a lion or such a dangerous wild animal creeping up on us. I tried to disuade him from walking on, but he just reminded me that we were together and walked on.

Finally, with so much relief, we came close to the river, bodering the camp where the gate is located. After lingering there for a while taking in the awesome view, we started back.
When we got back to the Maasai lodge junction, i erased the visions in my mind and thanked God for His protection under my breath.

As we walked back, very confident because of our familiarity to this road, and the fact that it was somehow busy with vehicles driving to the lodge, and even people walking along.
A few meters ahead, a man passed us on a bike and said hallo.
A few meters ahead, he suddenly stopped and brought to our notice, two Rhinos about seventy meters away from us. My heart almost skipped a beat. There was no fence to protect us from a possible attack.

I know how aggressive rhinos can be, atleast the stories i was told as a child said so.
I quickly surveyed the sorroundings and noticed a caterpillar bulldozer about the same distance from us in the opposite direction. I quickly calculated how fast we could get to it and climb up incase they attacked us.
My Husband on the other hand was completely calm. He told me the rhinos would have no reason to attack us.
As i settled down, i realised i had not even said a prayer, instead i had panicked. I noted that, there had been no threat of danger where i had expected it. And in my familiar environment, we suddenly faced danger. I then became peaceful as i remembered that God is in us all the time. And He knew we would have this encounter, and He was protecting us.
I noted that, most times when we are confident in ourselves, in familiar circumstances, we may just be the most vulnerable! We need Gods protection consistently. Most times we are attacked when we let our guard down, God. When we are in situations we assume we can handle on our own.

May God enable me to be aware of His presence in me continually, and to depend on His protection entirely in familiar and unfamiliar situations!


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