In Sync with God

I enjoy watching Enjoying everyday life with Joyce Meyer. Her preaching ministers to me greatly, its simplified and i can easily relate to it.
A few weeks ago, she said that, God wants tonparticipate fully in our life. As there is nothing big to God, He expects to order our each and every step daily.
These small steps ultimately direct our paths to His purpose for us.

Then two weeks ago, a would be rather Inconsequential thing happened. As i matched up my little nice black jacket, a perfect fit that was tailored for me to a dress i was planning to wear, i realized i had won it atleast three times in the last five days. It fits me perfectly, i just love how it makes me look! I made a mental note to put aside some money, when it becomes available for another one to be tailored, Black definately, because it goes with any colour. Two would be better, especially in this cold season.

I was going to town to see a dentist, that morning. As i walked through the bus station, my mind already at the dentist’s, a man called out, “koti za kamera mia mbili mbili”. My spirit instantly directed me to have a look. My mind reasoned that i should walk on to my appointment. I passed by a few steps, then turned back.

From the huge heapnof coats, I picked up a black jacket, it was my perfect fit, black tailored just like my favorite jacket, which i had worn. The only difference was that it had three front buttons instead of one like the one i had on. As good as new. And the price, two hundred shillings! A little fraction of what it would have costed to get one made.
Joyce Meyer came to mind. And i understood that, if we listen and depend on God in every little step, He leads you to everything good for you. His grand plan is unleashed bit by bit, daily. Unfortunately most times, we choose to ignore, and hence the delayed victory most of us experiance.

May God open my spiritual mind, eyes and ears, may He enable me to obey His every order, day by day!


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