Do NOT Worry

Then Jesus said to His disciples, therefore, do not worry about your life. What you will eat, or about your body, what you will wear.luke 12:22

Before i was born again, i was an expert worrier! As i served the children breakfast, i would be worrying about lunch. How i would get it, where i would get the money. I would worry how soon it would be before the children were sent home for fees. My job was to worry. Sadly, i even prided myself as a qualified worrier. I would ask the children to be silent, i needed a silent and tranquil environment to worry comfortably.

I worried about everything. If my abusive partner was home, i worried how soon he would get money to go drinking. If he was out, i worried in what state of drunkeness he would return, and how abusive he would be. All that i gained from this worrying sprees was anxiety, frustration and misery.

When i met God, i felt this heavy burden i had been carrying on my shoulders lift off, literally! I found a peace, surpassing my understanding. I stopped worrying from that day on.
And am amazed how God started working in my life. I would be home, with no money, clueless of what we would eat. But suddenly, a thought would just pop in my mind, for example, the half packet wheat flour from a previous meal was in the house, and, i should borrow four cups of beans from Mueni, and pap! We would have a meal.

Am glad i never went back to my worry days. I have maintained a dependance on God, and this has made my life easy and happy. What i can confidently tell you is that, God has NEVER run out of ideas for me in whatever situation i may be facing which would naturally require worry!
All i do is give it to Him and go about my life calmly. Its not easy, but the minute you understand that, there is really NOTHING you can do on your own without His help, then it gets real easy. Luke 12:25

I must confess that the greatest miracle i recieved was salvation. I thank God for this awesome miracle that liberated my life!
May God enable you, my readers to experiance the revelation in Luke 12:22-32. I encourage you to meditate upon this scripture. Glory be to God!


2 thoughts on “Do NOT Worry

  1. AMEN to that since monday av bn worrying too much of things i even av no idea on hw to handle thm bt uve just ministered to me .luv u mum ur my mentor


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