Our Past

Our past is very significant in our present.
And so i was really inspired when President Obama in his flawless speech said that, we need to embrace our past. But we must not let it define us.
This as he, acknowledged being born of a father from Kenya, a humble background, which soon became independent from the British colonialists. He went further and shared a bit on how his grandfather, a world war two veteran in Burma worked as a servant in a British masters home.
The humiliation he underwent, being called a boy despite his mature age.

He also shared a little of frustrations his newly returned American educated father faced in the then government whose president, ironically was the father of his present host, the current president of kenya.
He shared the struggles he faced too, as a black American.
My husband has always encouraged me to appreciate my past, but not let it define me. He always encourages me to be the best person i can be, through Christ who strengthens me.
Today, we have thousands of motivational speakers, all trying to make us reach out far beyond our ability, or purpose.

I have learnt one important thing, especially from life experiance and my husbands teaching. Its obvious that we cannot all become presidents. Neither can we all be millionairs. Even if we were all given a million each, to start our life race with it, some would have spent all their million in a month, others in two months, and others yet will have doubled their million in the same period. Others even tripled it

One thing is clear to me, our efforts and achievements are not necessarily for our personal benefit, in our generation. But for our children, grandchildren and a generation as a whole.
So, i have come to a conclution. All i need to do is be the best Adah i can be! As a mother, a wife, a speaker and writer.
Everyone should simply be the best they can be, wether you are a cleaner, your work should stand out. If you are a driver, strive to be the best, with Gods help. If you are a manager, be the best that you can be! And in all this, you may end up mothering a president, being a grandfather to a minister and so on.. After all, if all of could afford a range rover, wouldnt Toyota go out of business? The result, lots of people would loose jobs. And who would wash the range rovers?
We all have our part to play. Our God given assignment..just do yours the best you can! And be happy and thankful while you are at it!

May God enable me, to be the best Adah i should be!


2 thoughts on “Our Past

  1. I can say that your speech encourage me alot. I throught that i was not worth but after i came to learn what you went though and what our Lord did for you,i even put my trust more in God..may His name be praise for ever.


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