Recently as we sat on the grass on the first of Ngong hills, the only one i could climb to, the lowest, must have been. We chatted away with my husband as we enjoyed the awesome view of the great rift.
A bee landed on my husbands colourful African fabric shirt and would not leave. It moved from one flower on the shirt to the next. It must have mistaken this shirt for a plant.
We let it try its luck for a while, then as it moved down the shoulder, we thought it may end up stinging him. So i kicked it off with my finger. And buzzzz it went away.

We sat their for quite along time, but the bee did not return. This impressed me so much.
I thought of the many mistakes i have made in my life. Especially the ones i have repeated more than once. Sadly, these are the majority. How can a little being such as a bee be smart enough not to repeat a mistake?

I realised then that, as much as God invested so much in humans, we often let Him down by disobeying Him outrightly. You will embark on something that God has shown you all the signs that it is the wrong thing to do. Worse, you will not only do it once or twice, but sometime even five times.

I imagined how much time i would have put to better use in my life by avoiding repeated mistakes, just like my forefathers, the Israelites.
Most times we delay the journey to our God given destiny because of staying in the same place of mistake and going back over and over.

And so today, i pray that God gives me the spirit of discernement to recognize mistakes even before i get myself in them!


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