After watching the shocking news of some high school students arrested for beinng drunk, i seek to understand teenage mentality from my teenage son.
Majority of people have been throwing stones at parents, accusing us of not being responsible in the upbringing of our offspring.

Well, i personally disagree. There is only so much a parent can do. I highly doubt any parent would be happy to raise a child encouraging them to perfect is the art of taking alcohol in their teens.

My sons reaction was shocking to me! He claimed parents do not listen to them. Most teachers do not care. He said the students go through a lot. They are generally misunderstood.

Well, as a mother of both young adults and teens, i disagreed with him on various issues. Infact most of which he raised. This is because i believe majority of youth in this generation expect too much, in their early lives. They expect their parents to give them whateverr they want, especially in material things. This is not possible in majority of homes. Most parents are struggling to pay for their education and raise them.

What they do not know is that, being the adult is even harder. In life you have to accept to live with compromise. Besides, the more effort and concentration you accord your studies, the easier your future will be. Everything good works to your advantage automatically.
Maybe very very few people live a perfect life. I personally do not know any.

I can only pray that God opens their spiritual mind. As parents, we can only do so much. And i know majority do the best they can, for their children.

May God enlighten our youth!


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