God Never Fails!

This morning as we sang the song Jesus never fails in Church, my spirit reminded me of Sunday 23rd november 2008. This was a Sunday that God once again as usual gave us victory and prepared a table for us before our enemies. When i say we, i mean my family.

Brian was due to travel that afternoon to the states. Dennis had paid for his air ticket, although we had a balance of five thousand shillings which i was supposed to give to the ticket agent at the airport that afternoon. Since that friday, drama king had directed his insults on Brian. It had gotten worse this Sunday morning. He kept repeating that i was mistaken if i imagined that because Dennis went to the states, another one of my children would.

I had no idea where i would get this balance, taxi money to take us to the airport and some pocket money for Brian. But i was sure, so sure without even the smallest shadow of doubt that, God would show up and he would go. I did not know how God would work it out, or through whom. I even went ahead and bought roiko, tea and chilli cubes for Dennis which he had requested for with the only two thousand shillings i had, confidently.
Faith had gone to Church that morning. I remained home because i had to help him pack, prepare lunch and ensure everything was ok.

As Faith returned from Church, she wanted to withdraw the two thousand shillings on her account from an ATM in town. But God directed her to do it when she came off in Buruburu. She got off the matatu and bumped into Kinyanjui, our former neighbour and her long term friend. I do not know the details, but, she mentioned to him about our need. He offered to withdraw cash and advance her. We took Brian to the airport on time by taxi, his ticket balance was cleared and he had pocket money. Not to mention that Fe had a balance she gave to me for our upkeep in the days that followed.

Its easier to rely on God 100pc. When you do so, He sends a particular person to get you out of your trouble as opposed to running to everyone, trying to borrow from them. This just antagonizes you with people. But when God impresses upon someone to assist you from any situation, they will do it with pleasure! They may even look for you instead of the oppposite. What i know for sure, is that, He can never fail you!

May God enable me to be attentive to His leading in every need i have in my life!


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