Be Happy!

Am a natural talkative person. I get excited real easy. I do not know how to pretend. When am upset, i will just let it out. When am hungry, i will just enjoy my meal wherever i am or with whomever i am with.
When i see something i like, i will appreciate it. And this includes stopping a stranger in town to compliment them.

I greet the cashier in the supermarket and the guard at the door. I must admit i have met quite a number of people who have looked at me like, are you ok? But, more, i have complimented people who were totally shocked at my compliment, meaning despite their beautiful hands or whatever it is, noone has complimented them and worse, they may not have been aware of this beauty in them.

In Church, i say hallo to my neighbour, and surprise surprise, some will look at you with a face that will tell you that you are a nuisance.
I have learnt something in life. Whatever you may be going through, can never get easy depending on your mood. If anything, the more miserable you get, the worse things get. You will even knock your toes on furniture as you walk in the house, or bite your tongue as you eat. Making you angrier!
Your miserable day can never get shorter.

Challenges are a way of life. The sooner we know that God cannot allow you to go through what you cannot handle, the sooner we can allow Him to lead us through our every little and big issue. For to God, nothing is little or big. His purpose for us is to find Him. This leads to a happy and content life! Being joyful is a choice you have to make daily. Being miserable too is a choice. Its up to us, and we all know what misery and anger causes in our life. Ulcers, pressure, broken relationships and many other health issues. And i believe God does not appreciate our negativities. For the Bible clearly tells us to rejoice in the Lord always, and again rejoice in Him! And in all circumstances, give Him thanks!

There is really no reason for us to be miserable, for He knows the plans He has for us, plans to prosper us. Jeremiah 29:11
We should not waste even one single day in our life being miserable or angry. A day is too long! But then again too short!

May God enable me to be happy every single day of my life, for i can do anything through Christ who is my strength!


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