The thorns in our flesh

When i was a little girl, about eight i think. I was weeding my kale garden when a stick pierced me through my ankle just beside the ankle bone.
The pain was unbearable! As i pulled it out, part of it broke and remained in my flesh. It was a little thicker than a matchstick, and half the size of a regular matchstick.
For days, i went about my life with so much pain. Yet i could not ask mom or my older brother to get it out. This was due to my fear of the pain i would experiance.

I would limp when no one was watching. And endure the pain by stepping down normaly in the presence of my family. Before long my foot got so swollen.
Nearly a week later, my brother caught me limping as i returned from the river with a twenty litre water container on my head. I could not avoid it because the pain would be excessive.
He lifted the container off my head and held my hand. He asked me why i ws limping as his eyes settled on my real swollen right foot. I had no choice but to confess the truth. He called out a neighbours name, still holding on to me.
He asked me to sit on the ground and asked the young man neighbour to hold me. He warned me against moving my foot. Just touching the area ws painful enough. I closed my eyes and tilted my head backwards. He felt the stick, and the pus that had since formed around it. As he pressed from either side, i think i passed out. The pain was beyond description. But the stick came out, accompanied by pus. And my foot healed soon later.
This was the only medicine for it. Getting the stick out, and i knew it, yet still i resisted it for so long. The result, worse pain.
A similar scene played out with our youngest daughter when she was about four. She had a thorn in her foot, i noticed her limp instantly. I begged her, coaxed her and even threatened her to allow me get it out. But she wouldnt budge. Finally, Dennis decided to use force. Hold her firm as i removed it. She overheard us and took off in high speed! Down the stairs from fifth floor. The entire family followed. It was such drama! A little girl with a thorn in her foot was outrunning us bare feet on hot tarmac!

Dennis then shouted to her, Dove, here, put on your sandals then continue running. She stopped. And i got the thorn out.
These scenarios replay over and over in our life. For some people even daily. You know what you need to get out of your life to make it healthier, happier or peceful, but you postpone it over and over again. It does not make it less painful, but still, we refuse to act on time. For years i have complained bout my flabby arms. I bought dumbells years ago. But until now, i havent disciplined myself to a workout Schedule that will get them in shape. Yet, its obvious that unless i undergo the routine exercise, they will never be how i want them to be. Same thing with abusive relationships, indulgence in abusive substances, overweight issues.. Jealousies, envy, anger, hate, moodiness,alcohol, greed, friends who pull you down…the list is endless!

What is it in your life that is hurting you? Something You need to get rid of? Will you ask God to give you the will to do it?

May God fill me with the spirit of discernment to know what is ailing me and enable me to rid it from my life!


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