Just be yourself

Before i formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; i appointed you as a prophet to the nations. Jeremiah 1:5

For nearly four years now, i have kept my hair short and natural. I always grew my hair long, and am blessed with real long hair. I sometime permed it. Generally, i neglected my hair, i can say i didnt really give it much attention. Half the time i would have it braided. Most times it looked so unkept i wore a headscarf on my head.

When i met my Husband, i tried my best to ensure my hair was neat. I would always ask him what he thought of a particular hairdo i had on. He always said i looked good. But, i wanted to know his favourite so i would maintain it. So one time i asked him for his favourite, he told me he knows i will not like it, so no need to tell. I insisted and so we bet on it. If i embraced his favourite style, he would pay me and i would keep it. It was a deal. He said he loved short hair.

I did not have a problem with that, he was impressed. We kept our deal.
When i had it cut, i was amazed at how much age it got off my face. My children too loved it, except two.
The women in my life were greatly disappointed. How could i cut my hair when i was so blessed to have long and dark hair? I felt free. Short hair is so easy to maintain. The sad thing is that, whenever i go to a salon for a manicure or something else, the ladies there never stop trying to coerce me into applying a chemical, blow out or something. According to them, short natural hair is not fashion, its not appealing, its primitive. Its not only salonists who feel this way. Whenever i meet a new acquaintance, they always offer me free beauty advise, why dont you treat your hair to a blow out or curly kit. It simply never occurs to any of these ladies that i actually love my hair just as it is. At first i did it for my Husband, but now, i cannot wait to trim it every two weeks since my hair grows real fast.

And this i noted is the reality in life. Majority of us live according to peoples expectations of us. We dress according to the in fashion. We buy expensive weaves just because others have them, even if we have to borrow them just so we keep up with the crowd. Why should we settle for less? God knew us even before He formed us in the womb. Our differences is what makes the world a beautiful place. God did not create us to be copies of each other. Instead He created us, each one uniquely and beautifully. Thats how we end up in trouble, struggling to be like someone else when ideally, you are the best you, and you dont need any effort to be you!find out what suits you and what you are comfortable with. And go out there and serve the Lord confidently in the area He appointed you to serve, however low or high your position. Its the same level in His eyes.

Let us focus on God. Carry yourself the way God wants you to. Seek His righteousness, and everything else will fall in place enabling you to live a fulfilled and happy life.

Father God, help me to be content with myself for you created me fearfully and wonderfully in your own image.


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