Following Jesus

As children, we sang a song that went like this. I have decided to follow Jesus x2 I have decided to follow Jesus x3 No turning back, no turning back. What Jesus tells you, you must follow x3 No turning back no turning back!
We would sing it excitedly. But we did not really understand how powerful those words are.

In Mark 10: 17-31, Jesus explained how important following Him is. And He gave a promise, that no one following Him will fail to get eternal life.
All my life i was a people pleaser until recently. It was real hard for me to say no to anyone who asked for a favour in whatever form. This often made me miserable, because most times however much i went out of my way, sometime i failed to fulfill my word. This obviously hurt those involved. This could have been something as small as calling someone back when i promised or lending someone money. Or just giving my time.

At the beginning of this year, i asked God to help me focus on Him. If you try to make everyone happy and comfortable, you can never achieve it. Because people are different and each one has their issues and each ones opinion is different. One will be happy with you today when you have satisfied their needs. Tomorrow it will be a different story. You can never get approval from everyone, everytime. Not even your family members.
God is just God. If you focus on pleasing God, following His guidance, you will be peaceful, joyful and glad. There will be people who will judge you, despise you, like or hate you. But ultimately, you are pleasing God and you are peaceful and thats all that matters!

Everyone else is entitled to their opinion, and thats all it is, their opinion. And i dont mean to be disrespectful, because, as long as you are kind and loving to people, Godly love, its only fair that each one of us depends on God and not others. When we adhere to this, we will not find fault in others for letting us down. Because we will not be relying on them. A simple example is borrowing little money. We have mshwari where you can borrow instantly on your phone. Instead of troubling others, you borrow from such institutions, its convinient, friendly and instant!
Am i now trying to win the approval of men, or of God? Or am i trying to please men? If I were still trying to please men, I would not be a servant of Christ. Galatians 1:10. Note that he says if he were still trying. Meaning he also struggled to please men before.

Father God, i pray that i remain meek and look unto You to guide my path and order my steps each day. To the glory of your holy name!


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