Which Bus will you take?

The other day i got on a bus to town. After only one kilometer into our journey, it stalled and would not move.
The driver parked on the pavement and hurriedly went to the fuel tank. The conductor joined him. It was apparent that they knew what the problem was and were determined to rectify it as first as they could.
I was sitting on the third row from the driver. The conductor had already collected fares from more than half of the passengers.

They did what was needed, the driver went back to start the engine, it failed, he ran back. Three minutes into the mishap, majority of the passengers who had not yet paid their fares had already come off the bus. The lady sitting next to me commented that, she was not about to let thirty shillings in fare delay her. She came off, just as the driver kicked the engine back to life nine minutes into the stop with four attempts later. The lady was lucky because as soon as she got off, a matatu stopped. As they started boarding, we took off. Now, out of curiosity, i developed an interest to see if this matatu would get to our destination before us, it didn’t. At the next stop, we had other passengers fill the empty seats.

This reminded me of another incident a number of years back. I boarded a bus in Umoja to town. The bus was charging twenty shillings only. There was quite a crowd at the bus stop. Interestingly, only people who found the bus parked got on. Half an hour later, with only two passengers to fill the bus, two mini buses came. They were charging fifty shillings. The crowd which had been disinterested in the old bus suddenly came to life and now there was push and shove for the strong enough to take the two empty seats.

I compared this to God. I understood how we are told over and over about salvation and we just ignore. Until we have an issue we are unable to solve, then suddenly we become so aggressive in chasing after God for instant miracles. Or refusing to obey God when He speaks to us especially when we are comfortable.
Are you the kind who ignores God, despite His promises until you get desperate only then you start seeking Him like in the latter incident. Or are you more in the former, you start to follow, but when you encounter a little bit of trouble you give up, instead of simply Trusting in Him?

Dear God, feel me with humility and patience that i may always be on the right bus of your will in my life. Teach me to obey instantly and be patient when you require me to.


God cares for your desire, however small!

Delight in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart. Proverbs 37:4

This morning, as i cleaned my balcony, i stopped to admire my money plant in amazement! They are growing beautifully and look very healthy. Interesting because i have not been particularly keen on caring for them. All i do is water them as i do the rest of the plants when i wash my vegetables.
I have not given them much thought since i bought and planted them a few months back. Infact most times when am watering am not paying attention because its just a way of recycling water.

Now, this is a great achievement for me. And i know too well that i should not take the credit, but glorify God who has done it for me. I like the money plant dearly, but i have never been able to have a healthy growing one despite my numerous attempts at growing it. I tried talking soothingly to them at some point when i learnt from a documentary that plants respond to love.

Sometime back, years have passed since. I visited my former colleague, who i also believed was my friend. She had very healthy and beautiful money plants. I would not stop admiring them, and so she offered to plant for me and keep them for a while as they took root before i pick them. All i had to do was to bring planters. I was so excited and thankful. A short while later i found the best planters and took to her house, accompanied by my husband and children by her invite.

For some reason, our friendship of nearly twenty years ended unceremoniously after that visit. For when i called her to report we had reached home safely, she didn’t answer my call. I texted and left it at that. A week later i called to enquire if she was working on my desperately awaited for plants, she didn’t respond. I texted.
A month later, i called, nothing. I texted. Finally i passed by her house at some point since i was in her neighbourhood, albeit to take my planters back. I was denied entry by the house help who was under strict instructions, and who had no authority to give back my planters.

Nevertheless, when i felt in my spirit to buy these plants not so long ago, i trust it was Gods leading. For He was ready to give me the desire of my heart. Its really useless to try and be in the way of someones dream, for we can do nothing to change Gods will for others and even ourselves.
Finally am excited and thankful, for my long awaited money plants are flourishing!

Dear God, may you create in me a clean heart, that i may support and never obstract anyones desires and dreams. For you will always give us the desires of our heart when we delight in you! Thank you Lord for flourishing my plants!


Our lives are like a seed. We are born with the potential to fulfill the destiny that has already been established within us, because God always makes us with the end in mind. It’s all there in that tiny seed, but what we do with it determines our destiny.

And what, in a nutshell, is potential? It’s the unexposed ability, reserved strength, unused success, dormant gifts and hidden talents that lie within each of us. It is the person we are still to become, where we can go but still have not been, all we can do but have not yet done, what we can reach but have not yet aimed for. It may be in seed form right now, but if we diligently sow, water and nurture that seed, by faith it will come to fruition. How do we sow that seed? By listening and reading Gods word. And listening to the holy spirit who is within us and always directs us. Taking one step a time as He directs you.

Majority of us spend a lifetime doing something completely opposite. Our lives are like a seed. We are born with the potential to fulfill the destiny that has already been established within us, because God always makes us with the end in mind. It’s all there in that tiny seed, but what we do with it determines our destiny.

And what, in a nutshell, is potential? It’s the unexposed ability, reserved strength, unused success, dormant gifts and hidden talents that lie within each of us. It is the person we are still to become, where we can go but still have not been, all we can do but have not yet done, what we can reach but have not yet aimed for. It may be in seed form right now, but if we diligently sow, water and nurture that seed, by faith it will come to fruition.
Most people do the complete opposite of their God given purpose. And no wonder many people are miserable, even develop illnesses caused by stress by being in something He didnt create you for. Your purpose should come naturally and be enjoyable as you perform it. But as long as we put money at the forefront, we are unlikely to walk in His will for us. Yet He is faithful, and He will feed and clothe you like the birds of the air and the lilies of the field if you will obey. Just recently when i got clear direction from God as to what my purpose is, i could not fathom it. I thought i didn’t have what it takes to write and speak. I imagined speaking before a congragation and i just could not see myself having the confidence. Then today, i got the revelation that, most times am actually required to speak to just one or two people at a time. I even realised that i have been doing that all my life, encouraging people. Without knowing that was my purpose. Needless to say, the confidence simply checks in when needed. Because He is with me!

Almighty Father, i thank you for making my purpose known to me. I know i can do anything through Christ who strengthens me! Open my spiritual ears so i may hear your every whisper. Give me the humility to obey instantly. Amen!


A week ago, i received a text from my daughter’s School reminding us to attend the open academic day. This information is included in the end term’s newsletter for last term.
So when i got a call this afternoon from the administration, my only thought was that the event which is scheduled for tomorrow had been cancelled. I was therefore surprised when the lady said she was calling to confirm if i received the text. Interestingly, the lady was somehow surprised that i received the text.

I thought about my prayers to God. Do i repeat myself too much? If a third reminder almost irritated me, then what must God be thinking when i insist with the same prayer request endlessly? Isn’t it almost an indication that i do not trust Him to have heard me the first or tenth time?
I have been waiting on God for something i believe He promised me. I thank Him for it daily, sometime many times a day. Once in a while, i pray, trying to convince Him why He should really fulfill this particular desire of my heart. God is God and He obviously knows how much i desire this. And i know that, if its in His will, He shall make it pass at His appointed time. Regardless of whether i nag Him or not. As long as i keep my faith.

And isn’t it interesting how sometime we pray over something so much, and when He answers us, we start doubting the possibility, because usually, His answer doesn’t come in the way or through whoever we expected it to. But the Bible clearly tells us that,Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight. Proverbs 3:5-6. Lets just trust Him and not doubt the effect of our prayers, and lets not be rigid or laugh when He answers not in “our” expected way as Sarah laughed, Genesis 18:12.
We should not conform to the world and not trust like the world that He heard us the first time, better still, He knew it before we asked as He looks at our hearts.

My prayer is for God to change me. To guide me and make me trust in Him in all my ways. To just Trust and Obey Him!

Be Flexible

Yesterday my Husband shared how a little girl approached him in a small chapel and enquired what he was doing there.

Same yesterday, as i left Church, my spirit led me to drive to another Church, nearly twenty kilometers apart. Later, i realized that my purpose there was to speak to a particular single mum. As i struck a conversation with her, i felt completely at peace, as if she was my long lost friend. Interestingly, she kept asking if i was sure we were not acquinted before. I had never seen her until yesterday.

As i shared with her, it turned out i was answering questions she has been asking God daily, including yesterday morning. It was quite a revelation.

I started wondering why adults keep aloof and find it difficult to strike a chat, say hallo to another wether on a bus or worse, in Church. The small girl went up to my Husband innocently, without worry or an excuse and asked what she felt necessary. An adult would never do that. First, when you are in a Chapel, the assumption is you are praying. But you could be homeless, or in need of a listening ear or just a friendly smile and hallo would make your day.

The lady from yesterday simply broke down and would not stop sobbing. Yes, she was in Church but our fellowship really gave her relief. I wondered why grown ups conduct themselves so grown up. A simple goodmorning to the person seated next to you wherever can never be harmful.

This whole thing reminded me of one day many years ago at the Airport. I was traveling to Kisumu with my three oldest Children. We were in the lounge waiting to board a delayed flight. I had bought Brian an interesting toy, a car which turned into a robot when it picked speed. I bought it abroad and it wasnt available locally then. As Bry pushed it on the floor, all the eyes of the male passengers especially in the waiting room focused on the small car. As it gained speed and started transforming itself, you could see the mens eyes light up excitedly. All their attention was now on this toy. The silence was almost extreme. It got to the end and transformed itself back to a car as it hit the wall. The man nearest to it took it ran it on the floor to gain speed and pushed it.

This went on for over fourty minutes as the men excitedly debated on it and suddenly became acquinted. It was amazing how this little thing had broken the ice in the lounge and kept educated and obviously intelligent and grown men busy, excited and relaxed until boarding was announced, and no one was in a rush to struggle for the front of the queue. Who laid down rules that adults should not be playfull if they want to? When you see a grown up being playfull, which is extremely rare, you will hear comments such as, why is he behaving like a child? Yet aren’t children alot happier than adults? Children release their emotions whenever and wherever.

I want to enjoy my life. Be playful when i want to and not worry about what others think. I want to say hallo to the person sitting next to me in a matatu or Church. I want to smile to someone walking towards me on the street. What is so strange about these? Didnt Jesus Himself ask the man at the well, if he wanted to get well? John 5:6 Yet wasnt it obvious that the man was there for that reason. You can never know what a simple smile may do in someones life!

Father God, i pray for humility and courage to use my being to put a smile on someones face.

Count your Blessings!

Reminds me of the song, count your blessings, name them one by one.

This morning i awoke to a reality awakening. The last few days i was quite upset over my son giving himself leave from school. I do not know why i would not let it go easily, especially after punishing him, and returning him to school where he was punished too. But, isnt that just what most of us do? Don’t we just enjoy dwelling on the few negative challenges we face rather than counting our blessings?

So this morning, i wake up excited and looking forward to the first day in Bible Study Fellowship after summer break.

As i get on my feet, i notice that am feeling real dizzy. I walk the few steps into the washroom, and now am nauseated. Nausea is one thing i rarely experiance.I get dizzy a few times due to the anemea issue i have. I decide to stay positive and believe these uncomfortable symptoms will soon pass. They did not. And so i was unable to attend Bible study. I propped myself on the sofa, laying down made the symptoms worse. Thankfully, i fell asleep. I woke up an hour later just in time for a very sad news clip on DW TV.

They were interviewing the parents of the girls who were abducted by boko haram in Nigeria. The journalist seek to know if the parents had given up hope, especially now that boko haram announced that they have since radicalised the innocent girls. Even the Fathers wept openly. We all know for an African man to weep, the pain must be completely unbearable. They could not hold back their anger, frustration and hopelessness. One woman told the journalist, all she is living for is her daughters return. She said, its irrelevant that her daughterr is radicalised. She will always be her daughter. And if boko haram sent her daughter to kill her, she would embrace her with a tight hug, tell her how much she loves her and how much she has missed her. She would then step back to allow her daughter to shoot her, if thats what she would want to do.

I could not restrain my tears! Here i am, a very healthy, active, abundantly blessed Christian woman, holding my son in unforgiveness even after he apologised. Besides, he is a teenager for crying out loud! Am the adult. Yet i know too well that we are to forgive seven times seventy times a day. Some parents are dealing with much much worse issues such as teens doing drugs, dropping out of school and so many other vises. Worse still, a situation such as the one of the abducted Nigerian girls. I cannot even imagine how their parents get through each day. The anxiety, the hope, the wishes. It must be a long nightmare unfolding in their lives all this time.

Two things hit me, i have taken so much for granted. My good health and the good family am blessed with. Am counting my blessings now. They are too many, they are uncountable!! Just being is a blessing. I have a healthy family, my children go to school, i have a roof over my head, i have a meal each day, my limbs are perfect, i can see… My blessings are uncountable! Thanks to my concentration on the non issue, i forgot that today was my wedding anniversary. I got sick, must be as a result of not eating well the last days. I missed out on something i had looked forward to for weeks.

I challenge my readers to count their blessings and release their challenges to the Lord. Lets learn to dwelll on our blessings rather than our temporary issues.

Father God, i repent for my short sightedness in dwelling on trivial matters instead of forgiving and forgeting. I pray that you fill me with the holy spirit to enable me love unconditionally and focus on the good and release all the negatives to you. In Jesus Christ who is my strength.

Doing the right thing, Not the “Popular”

Yesterday i wrote About the sermon that was on adversity. Little did i know that adversity was waiting to waylay me right within the Church compound.
I had hardly walked out of our department group meeting, upbeat to attend second service owing to the fact that am home alone, and i would prefer to be in school of wisdom than home idling.

I checked my phone before walking in, and alas! A missed call from the security guard. This is a call you must return without delay. I call, and my teenage son who is supposed to be in school and a candidate at that answers.
Ofcourse like many mothers i ask, what are you doing there, before i ask if he is well. This is because, when Children return to school, especially if you have many, you sigh relief because, its expensive, and as a mother, you are happy to spend on them and spare just the bare minimum for your survival until you recover from the expenses.

He then tells me teachers are on strike, now, is this supposed to be breaking news to me? Daaaaaaaah! I sent him to school knowing the strike was on, but ofcourse i checked in with the school first. And from my previous experience, candidates are usually spared. And anyhow, he is better off in school studying on his own and other students than being home watching tv or listening to music. I then wondered, am i the only mom whose teen behaves in a manner suggesting that he is soing me a favour by getting an education?
He goes ahead and tells me the lower classes were sent home on saturday, and this morning, the candidates decided to leave. The “clever”ones like him ofcourse. The “foolish” ones who know why they are in school stayed.

Instantly my enthusiasm for attending second service waned. I got home seething. Fortunately, he had gone for a walk. By the time he returned, i had cooled down, thankfully. And so i only asked him the one popular question i always ask. Whom are you schooling for?

I only mentioned his return to my husband. My husband is the calm understanding type. So i did not bother to give details, i knew he would most definitely understand why the boy decided to return, and i was not in the mood to excuse his action.
But aren’t we mostly like that? Very few people really know what they want in life, even fewer will stand their ground and not go with the crowd. What is deemed popular.
Way too often, we get so caught up with trying to be like someone else that we forget how special we are.

Galatians 6:4 says, Each one should test their own actions. Then they can take pride in themselves alone, without comparing themselves to someone else
Comparing your life, your calling, your schedule or even your way of doing things with someone else will only bring frustration. So now tomorrow we have to go to school, nearly one hundrend kilometers to and fro. He will obviously be punished. Wouldn’t it have been wise for him to stay with the few than leave with the majority? He knew the right thing to do was stay in school.
I already gave him my own punishment, because am also inconvenienced with his poor decision and thereafter action.

God, may you please fill our youth with the holy spirit to give them wisdom and enable them to make the right decisions even if this means loosing friends or popularity. Amen!