Doing the right thing, Not the “Popular”

Yesterday i wrote About the sermon that was on adversity. Little did i know that adversity was waiting to waylay me right within the Church compound.
I had hardly walked out of our department group meeting, upbeat to attend second service owing to the fact that am home alone, and i would prefer to be in school of wisdom than home idling.

I checked my phone before walking in, and alas! A missed call from the security guard. This is a call you must return without delay. I call, and my teenage son who is supposed to be in school and a candidate at that answers.
Ofcourse like many mothers i ask, what are you doing there, before i ask if he is well. This is because, when Children return to school, especially if you have many, you sigh relief because, its expensive, and as a mother, you are happy to spend on them and spare just the bare minimum for your survival until you recover from the expenses.

He then tells me teachers are on strike, now, is this supposed to be breaking news to me? Daaaaaaaah! I sent him to school knowing the strike was on, but ofcourse i checked in with the school first. And from my previous experience, candidates are usually spared. And anyhow, he is better off in school studying on his own and other students than being home watching tv or listening to music. I then wondered, am i the only mom whose teen behaves in a manner suggesting that he is soing me a favour by getting an education?
He goes ahead and tells me the lower classes were sent home on saturday, and this morning, the candidates decided to leave. The “clever”ones like him ofcourse. The “foolish” ones who know why they are in school stayed.

Instantly my enthusiasm for attending second service waned. I got home seething. Fortunately, he had gone for a walk. By the time he returned, i had cooled down, thankfully. And so i only asked him the one popular question i always ask. Whom are you schooling for?

I only mentioned his return to my husband. My husband is the calm understanding type. So i did not bother to give details, i knew he would most definitely understand why the boy decided to return, and i was not in the mood to excuse his action.
But aren’t we mostly like that? Very few people really know what they want in life, even fewer will stand their ground and not go with the crowd. What is deemed popular.
Way too often, we get so caught up with trying to be like someone else that we forget how special we are.

Galatians 6:4 says, Each one should test their own actions. Then they can take pride in themselves alone, without comparing themselves to someone else
Comparing your life, your calling, your schedule or even your way of doing things with someone else will only bring frustration. So now tomorrow we have to go to school, nearly one hundrend kilometers to and fro. He will obviously be punished. Wouldn’t it have been wise for him to stay with the few than leave with the majority? He knew the right thing to do was stay in school.
I already gave him my own punishment, because am also inconvenienced with his poor decision and thereafter action.

God, may you please fill our youth with the holy spirit to give them wisdom and enable them to make the right decisions even if this means loosing friends or popularity. Amen!


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