Count your Blessings!

Reminds me of the song, count your blessings, name them one by one.

This morning i awoke to a reality awakening. The last few days i was quite upset over my son giving himself leave from school. I do not know why i would not let it go easily, especially after punishing him, and returning him to school where he was punished too. But, isnt that just what most of us do? Don’t we just enjoy dwelling on the few negative challenges we face rather than counting our blessings?

So this morning, i wake up excited and looking forward to the first day in Bible Study Fellowship after summer break.

As i get on my feet, i notice that am feeling real dizzy. I walk the few steps into the washroom, and now am nauseated. Nausea is one thing i rarely experiance.I get dizzy a few times due to the anemea issue i have. I decide to stay positive and believe these uncomfortable symptoms will soon pass. They did not. And so i was unable to attend Bible study. I propped myself on the sofa, laying down made the symptoms worse. Thankfully, i fell asleep. I woke up an hour later just in time for a very sad news clip on DW TV.

They were interviewing the parents of the girls who were abducted by boko haram in Nigeria. The journalist seek to know if the parents had given up hope, especially now that boko haram announced that they have since radicalised the innocent girls. Even the Fathers wept openly. We all know for an African man to weep, the pain must be completely unbearable. They could not hold back their anger, frustration and hopelessness. One woman told the journalist, all she is living for is her daughters return. She said, its irrelevant that her daughterr is radicalised. She will always be her daughter. And if boko haram sent her daughter to kill her, she would embrace her with a tight hug, tell her how much she loves her and how much she has missed her. She would then step back to allow her daughter to shoot her, if thats what she would want to do.

I could not restrain my tears! Here i am, a very healthy, active, abundantly blessed Christian woman, holding my son in unforgiveness even after he apologised. Besides, he is a teenager for crying out loud! Am the adult. Yet i know too well that we are to forgive seven times seventy times a day. Some parents are dealing with much much worse issues such as teens doing drugs, dropping out of school and so many other vises. Worse still, a situation such as the one of the abducted Nigerian girls. I cannot even imagine how their parents get through each day. The anxiety, the hope, the wishes. It must be a long nightmare unfolding in their lives all this time.

Two things hit me, i have taken so much for granted. My good health and the good family am blessed with. Am counting my blessings now. They are too many, they are uncountable!! Just being is a blessing. I have a healthy family, my children go to school, i have a roof over my head, i have a meal each day, my limbs are perfect, i can see… My blessings are uncountable! Thanks to my concentration on the non issue, i forgot that today was my wedding anniversary. I got sick, must be as a result of not eating well the last days. I missed out on something i had looked forward to for weeks.

I challenge my readers to count their blessings and release their challenges to the Lord. Lets learn to dwelll on our blessings rather than our temporary issues.

Father God, i repent for my short sightedness in dwelling on trivial matters instead of forgiving and forgeting. I pray that you fill me with the holy spirit to enable me love unconditionally and focus on the good and release all the negatives to you. In Jesus Christ who is my strength.


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