Be Flexible

Yesterday my Husband shared how a little girl approached him in a small chapel and enquired what he was doing there.

Same yesterday, as i left Church, my spirit led me to drive to another Church, nearly twenty kilometers apart. Later, i realized that my purpose there was to speak to a particular single mum. As i struck a conversation with her, i felt completely at peace, as if she was my long lost friend. Interestingly, she kept asking if i was sure we were not acquinted before. I had never seen her until yesterday.

As i shared with her, it turned out i was answering questions she has been asking God daily, including yesterday morning. It was quite a revelation.

I started wondering why adults keep aloof and find it difficult to strike a chat, say hallo to another wether on a bus or worse, in Church. The small girl went up to my Husband innocently, without worry or an excuse and asked what she felt necessary. An adult would never do that. First, when you are in a Chapel, the assumption is you are praying. But you could be homeless, or in need of a listening ear or just a friendly smile and hallo would make your day.

The lady from yesterday simply broke down and would not stop sobbing. Yes, she was in Church but our fellowship really gave her relief. I wondered why grown ups conduct themselves so grown up. A simple goodmorning to the person seated next to you wherever can never be harmful.

This whole thing reminded me of one day many years ago at the Airport. I was traveling to Kisumu with my three oldest Children. We were in the lounge waiting to board a delayed flight. I had bought Brian an interesting toy, a car which turned into a robot when it picked speed. I bought it abroad and it wasnt available locally then. As Bry pushed it on the floor, all the eyes of the male passengers especially in the waiting room focused on the small car. As it gained speed and started transforming itself, you could see the mens eyes light up excitedly. All their attention was now on this toy. The silence was almost extreme. It got to the end and transformed itself back to a car as it hit the wall. The man nearest to it took it ran it on the floor to gain speed and pushed it.

This went on for over fourty minutes as the men excitedly debated on it and suddenly became acquinted. It was amazing how this little thing had broken the ice in the lounge and kept educated and obviously intelligent and grown men busy, excited and relaxed until boarding was announced, and no one was in a rush to struggle for the front of the queue. Who laid down rules that adults should not be playfull if they want to? When you see a grown up being playfull, which is extremely rare, you will hear comments such as, why is he behaving like a child? Yet aren’t children alot happier than adults? Children release their emotions whenever and wherever.

I want to enjoy my life. Be playful when i want to and not worry about what others think. I want to say hallo to the person sitting next to me in a matatu or Church. I want to smile to someone walking towards me on the street. What is so strange about these? Didnt Jesus Himself ask the man at the well, if he wanted to get well? John 5:6 Yet wasnt it obvious that the man was there for that reason. You can never know what a simple smile may do in someones life!

Father God, i pray for humility and courage to use my being to put a smile on someones face.


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