A week ago, i received a text from my daughter’s School reminding us to attend the open academic day. This information is included in the end term’s newsletter for last term.
So when i got a call this afternoon from the administration, my only thought was that the event which is scheduled for tomorrow had been cancelled. I was therefore surprised when the lady said she was calling to confirm if i received the text. Interestingly, the lady was somehow surprised that i received the text.

I thought about my prayers to God. Do i repeat myself too much? If a third reminder almost irritated me, then what must God be thinking when i insist with the same prayer request endlessly? Isn’t it almost an indication that i do not trust Him to have heard me the first or tenth time?
I have been waiting on God for something i believe He promised me. I thank Him for it daily, sometime many times a day. Once in a while, i pray, trying to convince Him why He should really fulfill this particular desire of my heart. God is God and He obviously knows how much i desire this. And i know that, if its in His will, He shall make it pass at His appointed time. Regardless of whether i nag Him or not. As long as i keep my faith.

And isn’t it interesting how sometime we pray over something so much, and when He answers us, we start doubting the possibility, because usually, His answer doesn’t come in the way or through whoever we expected it to. But the Bible clearly tells us that,Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight. Proverbs 3:5-6. Lets just trust Him and not doubt the effect of our prayers, and lets not be rigid or laugh when He answers not in “our” expected way as Sarah laughed, Genesis 18:12.
We should not conform to the world and not trust like the world that He heard us the first time, better still, He knew it before we asked as He looks at our hearts.

My prayer is for God to change me. To guide me and make me trust in Him in all my ways. To just Trust and Obey Him!


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