God cares for your desire, however small!

Delight in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart. Proverbs 37:4

This morning, as i cleaned my balcony, i stopped to admire my money plant in amazement! They are growing beautifully and look very healthy. Interesting because i have not been particularly keen on caring for them. All i do is water them as i do the rest of the plants when i wash my vegetables.
I have not given them much thought since i bought and planted them a few months back. Infact most times when am watering am not paying attention because its just a way of recycling water.

Now, this is a great achievement for me. And i know too well that i should not take the credit, but glorify God who has done it for me. I like the money plant dearly, but i have never been able to have a healthy growing one despite my numerous attempts at growing it. I tried talking soothingly to them at some point when i learnt from a documentary that plants respond to love.

Sometime back, years have passed since. I visited my former colleague, who i also believed was my friend. She had very healthy and beautiful money plants. I would not stop admiring them, and so she offered to plant for me and keep them for a while as they took root before i pick them. All i had to do was to bring planters. I was so excited and thankful. A short while later i found the best planters and took to her house, accompanied by my husband and children by her invite.

For some reason, our friendship of nearly twenty years ended unceremoniously after that visit. For when i called her to report we had reached home safely, she didn’t answer my call. I texted and left it at that. A week later i called to enquire if she was working on my desperately awaited for plants, she didn’t respond. I texted.
A month later, i called, nothing. I texted. Finally i passed by her house at some point since i was in her neighbourhood, albeit to take my planters back. I was denied entry by the house help who was under strict instructions, and who had no authority to give back my planters.

Nevertheless, when i felt in my spirit to buy these plants not so long ago, i trust it was Gods leading. For He was ready to give me the desire of my heart. Its really useless to try and be in the way of someones dream, for we can do nothing to change Gods will for others and even ourselves.
Finally am excited and thankful, for my long awaited money plants are flourishing!

Dear God, may you create in me a clean heart, that i may support and never obstract anyones desires and dreams. For you will always give us the desires of our heart when we delight in you! Thank you Lord for flourishing my plants!


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