Which Bus will you take?

The other day i got on a bus to town. After only one kilometer into our journey, it stalled and would not move.
The driver parked on the pavement and hurriedly went to the fuel tank. The conductor joined him. It was apparent that they knew what the problem was and were determined to rectify it as first as they could.
I was sitting on the third row from the driver. The conductor had already collected fares from more than half of the passengers.

They did what was needed, the driver went back to start the engine, it failed, he ran back. Three minutes into the mishap, majority of the passengers who had not yet paid their fares had already come off the bus. The lady sitting next to me commented that, she was not about to let thirty shillings in fare delay her. She came off, just as the driver kicked the engine back to life nine minutes into the stop with four attempts later. The lady was lucky because as soon as she got off, a matatu stopped. As they started boarding, we took off. Now, out of curiosity, i developed an interest to see if this matatu would get to our destination before us, it didn’t. At the next stop, we had other passengers fill the empty seats.

This reminded me of another incident a number of years back. I boarded a bus in Umoja to town. The bus was charging twenty shillings only. There was quite a crowd at the bus stop. Interestingly, only people who found the bus parked got on. Half an hour later, with only two passengers to fill the bus, two mini buses came. They were charging fifty shillings. The crowd which had been disinterested in the old bus suddenly came to life and now there was push and shove for the strong enough to take the two empty seats.

I compared this to God. I understood how we are told over and over about salvation and we just ignore. Until we have an issue we are unable to solve, then suddenly we become so aggressive in chasing after God for instant miracles. Or refusing to obey God when He speaks to us especially when we are comfortable.
Are you the kind who ignores God, despite His promises until you get desperate only then you start seeking Him like in the latter incident. Or are you more in the former, you start to follow, but when you encounter a little bit of trouble you give up, instead of simply Trusting in Him?

Dear God, feel me with humility and patience that i may always be on the right bus of your will in my life. Teach me to obey instantly and be patient when you require me to.


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