Are you Rooted in Him?

As i read Janet Ikua’s message on Facebook this morning i could not help but shed tears. Interestingly, my tears were not of sadness but of joy and admiration for her courage and humour despite her illness and the dreaded radiotherapy she is undergoing.

I understand so well that her courage, humour and positive outlook comes from the fact that she is obviously rooted in God. God comforts us and gives us a peace surpassing our understanding in the most difficult times if we are rooted in Him and trust Him no matter what.

I personally, just like all of you have been in situations where i could have completely fallen apart if i did not know who God really is and trusted Him completely.
This reminds me of how we pray so earnestly to God to give us this or that, most times material wealth. We take for granted our good health most times even forgetting to thank Him and instead grumbling and murmuring about mundane things which we often give priority being in good health and hence not having to deal with a situation such as Janet’s.

Until the unusual comes to us or our loved ones then we suddenly come to our senses and sometimes even ask God why us? Why not us? Especially that we ignore thanking Him and rooting ourselves in Him when we are alright. We should learn to seek God for who He is, our reason for being here, other than for what He should do for us.

Jesus said that those who seek to save their lives will loose it but those who loose their lives for my sake will be saved!
When you truly know Him, like Janet, no matter how big a storm you may face, He will comfort you and see you through with minimal scathing!

May He enable us to seek Him in good or bad times. May we be rooted in Him!


One thought on “Are you Rooted in Him?

  1. So after reading Janets story, i took the walk i like postponing each day to the next. For right now she could give anything for such a walk if she had a choice. May God accord her His mighty healing power!


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