Un Ashamed!

Last friday i attended prayer day for my youngest son in his school as they prepare to start their National Exams tomorrow.
I walked in the hall just as the worship session was starting. I lifted my hands up and joined in as i walked to my seat. First, i like the song they were singing and secondly, i have learnt over time that worshiping Him has no shame. For He is Alpha and Omega! Without Him, am nothing!

As i stood with my arms lifted deep in worship, my spirit took me to the night this boy came into the world. I broke down and wept uncontrollably, oblivious of anyone else in the room. Extremely thankful to God for this precious gift!

It was a difficult night that we both were saved from death by God.
I had not had a proper meal or enough sleep for a week. I went into labour with so much anxiety due to intense abuse. I had not attended clinic and so labour pangs jolted me into the reality of things that could go wrong during delivery.

I went to visit an ex inlaw in denial..wishing it away and hoping it was not labour. It progressed and her friend offered to take me to hospital. We were turned away from the first hospital due to my history of not having attended pre natal clinic and the inability to raise a deposit. I was admitted at the next small private clinic. No sooner had my escort left, i felt the urge to push. Unfortunately i pushed only twice faintly as a result of my weakness.
A short while later the doctor was getting frantic as the head was clearly visible but no energy whatsoever to push. He asked his nurse to bring an instrument they use to engage the head and pull. The baby was in distress, he said. I was actually either half asleep or semi conscious at this time. I remember whispering to God, Lord, You know my case, please help me.

Suddenly i became alert, and got a surge of energy, i pushed once and my handsome baby boy was out, just in time for the nurse to arrive with the instrument. They were both astonished at what just transpired. The baby was very weak and frail. He could only manage a soft whimper as a cry. The doctor picked him up, as i went faint. He suddenly placed the baby back ordering the nurse to pick him up and do whatever procedure required to stabilize him. I heard him yell to the nurse, we are loosing her! He felt my pulse as he gently held my chin and asked me to stay with him. I could not. I drifted off. This was after one in the morning.

I awoke to a bright day with my lively baby beside me.
The nurse told me am lucky to be alive, with the baby. She explained that i had low blood pressure. I always had an issue with anemia. But i knew otherwise. God had given me the much needed rest, after nearly a week of grueling sleepless nights.

God has seen to Davis’ healthy growth till now. I do not remember any instance Davis lay in bed sick till now. He is a brilliant boy who reasons so much, with every instruction or question. For Him to be here now, prepared for his examination, God has done it! Again. He is truly a faithful God!… He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus. (Philippians 1:6)

May He enable me to worship Him whenever, wherever without shame!


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