Little steps

Last night Joyce Meyer shared an interesting testimony from one of the women who attended her conference a few years back. Joyce Meyer, for those who may not know her is a popular televangelist, philanthropist and an amazing teacher of the word. She is my role model. I enjoy her teaching based on reality, not promising miracles from seed and such. But living practically based on Gods will for us.

She said this woman was abused as a child. She suffered depression as an adult and had since accepted salvation but was still on medication. At the conference, God arranged for her to sit on a table that was occupied by other women in depression. Gods plans are perfect!
She later shared with Joyce at the end of the conference that, as they shared their experiences and breakthroughs during the conference, the other women had all been delivered from depression. They shared the steps God asked them to take, only for this woman to realize God had told her the same, but she just didn’t do it!

This morning i meditated so much on my life. I came to the realization that, the steps God has asked me to take over the years were mostly ridiculous, if not insane sometime. But as i took them, one at a time, i experianced victory at the end.
For example when i quit my job abruptly, it could barely sustain us, seriously, quitting was like committing financial suicide. Everyone who knew me then thought i was mad, to be honest, i thought the same. But my spirit was totally at peace! Looking back, if i did not walkout, my Children would not have left for college.

When I had to close my business which cost my husband so much lose, those who were close to me thought i was crazy, they saw so much potential in that business, and there was, but, it was not His will for me.

Now, as i go about my business am approached by women who are thankful for my testimony because it inspired them, gave them hope or even made them appreciate their life more, am humbled and feel so fulfilled! I cannot compare this to monetary gain. This is priceless!
Especially knowing that if i had insisted on being the successful business woman, as my husband teases me, i would probably have made it, but, money is never enough. I would simply have craved for more. I would never have had time to write my book nor give my testimony.

Am so thankful that He is using me in this way.
Listen to His instructions, however silly they may seem. For they all work out for the best in the end to the glory of His Mighty name! For He knows our end from the beginning, His plans for us are perfect, as long as we take the little steps, He directs our paths in perfection!

Dear Father God, may you create in me a meek and humble spirit, that will enable me to obey your instructions without hesitation.


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