But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.”
Isaiah 40:31, KJV
This verse promises that as we wait upon the Lord He will renew our strength. Instead of relying on our own resources, we will be receiving from Him. An exchange takes place between our weakness and His strength. We will then be like eagles which soar on the thermals, seemingly without any effort. Why not resolve to do that today?

When God gave me the scripture of Isaiah 61:1-3 as His will for my life, i laughed, just like Sarah did when she overheard that she would have a baby. Genesis 18:10-14.
I laughed because aside from just having been healed from lack of self esteem, i believed my voice was horrific, courtesy of my class four teacher who called me a frog when i joined the class choir, and warned me against ever singing within anyones earshot. How could i possibly speak to a large audience?
When He arranged for me to appear on National television, i was in shock. I had not even got the courage to expose a picture of my hubby and i on social media, and now here we were going to be viewed by thousands of people.

I have been approached by many women, who got inspired or motivated by my story. Majority ask me how i could endure such an abusive relationship. They share their opinion of the things they would have done if they were in my shoe. Some hope to go a similar path as mine, emphasizing on a rich husband though. Interestingly, as much as i thought i was ministering to women only, men too have told me they were inspired. The difference is that, all the men i have spoken to got the point! The men celebrate Gods Mightiness! I even indicated in the book that my readers should see God and not i.

I have six inch heels, four inch and sports shoes. I only wear the highest when i have private means to my destination, so i dont walk much. I can walk for some distance in the high ones. But, in my sports shoes, i can walk for ten kilometers without feeling any discomfort. I believe thats how our life is. When you rest in God, you can endure so much, because He strengthens you all the way. For as long as i endured that season, His grace was sufficient and His strength enabled me.

As i share my testimony, my desire is that my readers and listeners focus on God. God is limitless! We are individually created in His image, for unique purposes. Why would you want someone else’s life, when yours is perfect according to His will? For He knows our end from the beginning. I see people having challenges i cannot withstand even for an hour. Yet they are able to. Because He strengthens them. When we allow Him to execute His will for us, we will go through challenges, but His grace will enable us to endure in peace.

My prayer is that He opens my spiritual mind, spiritual ears and eyes, so i can perceive as He perceives me. So i can keep my eyes focused on His big picture for my life.


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