God is THE ROCK!

Isn’t it amazing how much trust and reliability we sometimes place in people?
You want to hold an event, you look at your contacts and as you send out invites, you tick the names you are so sure will definately be present no matter what!
Or perhaps you have a financial problem and you consult your phone book and decide on a few people you are sure will come through for you.
Most times, we get it all wrong.
The only dependable authority is God, He shall never leave you nor forsake you!

During my book launch recently, the people i was solidly sure would attend did not show up. A lady i met only twice nearly two years ago happened to see the invite and travelled all the way from Eldoret to attend the launch. I was extremely touched by her gesture. Then it dawned on me, its all Gods doing! God knows everything and He enabled the very people He wanted to come do so.
This realisation jolted me to a fact i know but which i tend to conveniently forget when am pushing my own agenda for my ego. That, God is Lord, and unless you depend on Him entirely, you are headed nowhere. For He has a perfect plan for your life.

Especially in my case. He instructed me to write this book. He will surely ensure that whoever He wants to get a copy does, to the glory of His Mighty name! And so, it was interesting and truly humbling to see people, most of whom i have never met before, whom He sent personally. This gives me confidence that, He who began a good work in me is sure to bring it to fruition.
All i need to do is my part, which is easy depending on my ability, through His grace to seek Him and obey Him. This should be manifested in the quality of life that i live.
Do i lean on man for my every help? Do i trust in my plans and strength, or do i look to Him for my every need?

Similarly, our lives ought to be bearing witness to the truth of God’s Word: in our relationships, our lifestyles, our habits, the moral choices we make, our values and dreams.

Father God, may you enable me to be guided by You. My every step to be ordered by You. So i can avoid worldly distractions and allow You to complete Your will for my life in Jesus’ name!


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