Delight in the LORD

So last night i had a bit of a run in with my best friend, aka my manager, aka my husband, aka my teacher. The list is endless. He was admonishing me truthfully for my tendency to discriminate against some churches i feel i should not speak in. He emphasized to me that, as long as am working for God, i cannot be biased against any church or persons because God expects me to fish men , in my case more of women regardless. God is the judge.

That little correction brings us to today. So i decided am not asking him for money to print books to give to Government departments. Am officially in sulking mode, quietly. Meanwhile am broke of course. So my clever mind tells me today i shall go to National Social Security Fund headquarters, and apply to withdraw part of my little savings i have there. I knew this idea is definitely great and i felt so brilliant.

On the matatu i pray for God to lead me to an officer to assist me fast. When i get there, i get on the queue to have my statement printed. It has at least thirty people. Two men in their seventies are ahead of me, and i ask one if am on the correct line, he confirms. One of them decides to educate me, seeing as am not conversant with this office.

He tells me he withdrew part of his savings early last year, he’s even generous enough to share that it was 100k. And right now, he has 20k interest on the other 100k which he intends to draw. Am feeling a little ashamed right now, coz what i have and planning to take is not even half of his figure.

Right there in my spirit, i hear a voice, right now you should start saving here instead of thinking to withdraw. Am not given a chance to argue my point. Not what i hoped for, but what i will truly be thankful for in future if i obey.

When i get my statement, i walk away thinking of a way to save from my monthly allowance generously given by my best friend so i can save. But God is not done with me yet, apparently.

Again the  voice tells me, if you do your part, God will enable you to sell a number of books monthly, money you can save without a problem.

  Well well! Back to our talk last night. That was his advise last night, and now here i was, getting a confirmation from the holy spirit that i was wrong and he was right. My brilliant idea ha!

Take delight in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart. Psalm 37:4

We all know that, God gives us the desires of our hearts, but, we need to delight in Him first. This means we need to charm Him, please Him, be close to Him, enchant Him, pleasure in Him, captivate Him, amuse Him. All these are meanings of delight.

When you delight yourself in God, your desires simply become those He has for you. So He gives them to you naturally. And when you are close to Him, you know His voice, you obey Him and everything falls in place. Incase of any challenges, His grace is sufficient and He will comfort you. We all know that if i follow my spirit man and start saving with NSSF, a time like this next year i will be a happy woman.

We always have to take a step. Do our part. So much for trying to rebel into independence! I know my husband will be amused when he reads this. Because he has told me endless times that, being instructed to wash his feet was not an idle instruction.

  My Jesus my Saviour, teach me how to be humble like you are. I pray in your name that God enables me to delight in Him. Be meek and obedient instantly, so He can give me the desires of my heart. Amen!


One thought on “Delight in the LORD

  1. Omwami, I needed that lecture of correction last night. And today, i definitely needed that “let down” by God. The benefits in future will much greater than if i had satisfied my flesh right now


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