Speak Out

Yesterday i spent all afternoon right into the night with my brother. We haven’t had so much time to ourselves in such a long time, given that he lives abroad and is always in demand compared to the short time he has to stay. Not to mention how much work he does to keep up with their plans.

That meeting brought out so much in both of us. From our similarities to our perception of life. From our likes to our dreams.  Something he said to me got me thinking. He expressed the frustration he felt as he watched me struggle in an abusive relationship. His thoughts then were that nothing he could do would change the situation. He lived in fear of the worst happening. What he didn’t know was that, i needed someone to just as little as suggest that i should leave, and i believe i would have left. I needed reassurance desperately from people i cared for.

I assumed that nobody would understand if i quit. They would blame me for the failure, after all i had failed before. But then again, perhaps i was meant to remain in that wilderness that long.  One thing i decided though is that, when i know someone is struggling with affliction, be it at work, in a relationship or even in church. I will share with them my honest thoughts about their situation. You never know, it could change their destiny.

Maybe you are the person that God has appointed to perform that particular task at a time such as that. Its important to be honest regardless of being unpopular. More so if it will save a life. They may disregard you, but thats always a seed that must germinate over a period of time. 

The way of fools seems right to them, but the wise listen to advise. Proverbs 12:15

May God enable us to be truthful and good shepherds to the glory of His mighty name!


One thought on “Speak Out

  1. This post does not feel correct for me. Rob wants to havepeace with you and cover the faults he made. Thats understandable and in fact its his decision if he regretsor not. What you wrote that he said does not make sense atall. And due to this the whole blog is faulty. Sorry for the critics. But eighter what you wrote in your bookor what you write in the blog now is a lie.



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