Being Content

This morning i reluctantly woke up at five thirty to prepare and leave the house at six to go and pick our daughter for the mid term break. I rarely leave the house this early being a stay at home mom. It was still fairly dark.

I could not help but sympathize with young children, some as young as three years only according to my estimation. The sad part is that majority of this children were either waiting for school transport accompanied by house helps seemingly who stood at a distance chatting, i guess on a regular basis, these kids are waiting at least ten minutes.

Some were at designated bus stops awaiting public transport.  I empathized more with the latter group. Its a nightmare for school children to board public transport especially during rush hour. They are pushed away and shoved around and only allowed, few at a time in one matatu by a kind conductor. Adults were also shoving and pushing mostly i guess to sit in a seat deemed comfortable, my way.

Its very understandable because after boarding, you get to stay in traffic for so long. Just a distance of under ten kilometers took us one hour to cover. I cannot imagine myself in such traffic every weekday.

I never thought i could be very thankful to God for being a housewife when i had taken it upon myself to work hard and make money in order to invest in a home etc as expected by society. Right now, i confidently thank God for saving me from this jostle and bustle of staying ahead of the others in this competitive world. And giving me contentment where i am at. give thanks in all circumstances;

for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.

1 Thessalonians 5:18

You can almost smell the stress and hostility amongst the drivers. No one wants to allow another from a side road to join ahead of them. You can almost feel the tension. What a stressful hour! I respect and salute all the great women and men who endure this torment on our roads constantly! It must be God’s grace that sees them through.

Father God thank you for this great day You have given us. I shall rejoice and be glad in it.


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