Guard Your Heart

Last tuesday i was honoured to speak to women in Langata Women’s prison on the auspicious international women’s day. It was the most humbling appointment i have had since i embarked on speaking to women. The first reason being that the Lord Himself appointed me.  Before i left my house in the morning, He gave me proverbs 4:23 as the verse i was to share with them.

Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.

Proverbs 4:23

When i got there, He confirmed through the first song that was played, it was those same words in Swahili. As these women, some no older than sixteen years of age entertained us, i could not help but wonder what they could possibly have done to deserve time behind bars. Because they are all beautiful and full of life. I realized why the Lord had instructed me to share the above verse. Not just for them but more so for myself. Every action you take stems from your heart. If you don’t protect your heart from the world you become extremely vulnerable and an easy prey to the devil.

Something as little as an argument over much salt in food may cause divorce. Something as little as disagreeing with a friend can cause death. We have people who push others in trouble, you have a small disagreement and they tell you, you are nice, if i was the one, they would have known who i am. You discover your spouse is having an affair and without thinking twice, you decide to discipline your rival or them. You may think you are just going to fight or beat them depending on how strong you are, but they may fight back and it could end in death.

And so as i looked at even very young girls condemned to life in prison, i could not help but wonder, behind that facade of a smile for our sake, how many hours do they spend weeping at night, wishing that if only, if only they could go back in time, could they take the action they took?

Was it worth it committing that murder? Was it worthy throwing acid onto that other woman’s face? Was it worthy poisoning that man who cheated on them or killing his lover? As you go about life, protect your heart from pain as much as you can, of course when you let God do it for you, it will be easy for His grace is sufficient. When you are getting stressed because of difficulties such as finances and other issues, please just stop and remind yourself that you are free and thank God for it! You have no idea what the cost of freedom is…. Priceless.

Father God, keep reminding me to be thankful for life and freedom regardless of the obstacles i may face in life. Being free enables me to seek Your counsel peacefully.


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