The Big Picture

Last Sunday i attended a gospel concert celebrating one of the greatest gospel singers we  Have in Kenya, Reuben Kagame. Three of my favourite singers were performing too, so to say i had a great afternoon and evening would be an understatement. But interestingly, the revelation i got from that event is one i didn’t anticipate.

My husband has explained to me numerous times about how we are all connected in the same big picture, God’s big picture but it completely eluded me of understanding.

As the hosting church choir took to the podium, the master of ceremony urged us, the audience to welcome them with enthusiasm. I then noticed a lady playing the tambourine standing on the floor almost in the audience. I doubt many people noticed her because she was in a place you would have to strain to see her, thankfully i was sitting not far from her. I then wondered if her tambourine was of any effect to the music, so i closed my eyes and could hear what it was adding to the sound of the music, and i liked it very much. She needed to play them in such a way that they flow with the particular song.

Then i got the understanding. Each one of us has their part in God’s big picture! And i believe in His eyes no part is greater than the other because they are all needed to complete the picture. The singers could not sing without the pianist or guitarist for instance. If they did, the sound would not come out as desired. The performers could not perform without us the audience, it would be such a boring event.

In short, each and everyone of us have their specific role in the Kingdom of God. We are all important and needed to play our role otherwise the music will not sound as it should.

Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters, Colossians 3:23

Whether you are a housewife or a director of a company, you are a driver or a doctor, we should all serve in excellence for we are honouring God through our good service to His people. Always serve the best way you can. For His spotlight is on you!

Please let us love each other as God loved us, let us appreciate each other. Let us play our role and not envy the other’s role, let us encourage each other and cheer each other us we each play our God given role. To Him the roles are equal and He has given us sufficient grace for our part as long as we are in our rightful part.

Doesn’t matter whether you are visible or not in your role. The one who has the register notices you all the time! And we are ideally working for Him!

Father God, may you enable me to focus on my role and play it as best as i can through Jesus who is my strength!


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