Live in the Moment

Thursday i travelled to Western Kenya and discovered even more beauty since my last visit nearly one month ago. The landscape is simply awesome and breathtaking. Interestingly, the very many years i have travelled back and forth on this very road i never noticed this sceneries.

Friday morning i got the revelation. Its not like God has redone this beautiful country. But He has redone me. My thoughts have been renewed, my perception is improving daily as He enables me to live in the moment, content.

All those uncountable journeys i made on this same road, all i thought of was the end of the journey.  Are you living in the moment or working towards accomplishing your chores and finishing at the end of the day, month or year without enjoying it?

Is your daily life a duty that must be done or is it a fulfilling experience to be thankful for? Life is a journey as they say, and especially life in Christ is a wonderful journey. We should live each day to the full, being thankful of the wonderful blessings of life, health , beauty around us etc. you will be amazed at how much beauty there is in things and people.

And we should live through our wilderness consciously as these are meant to be lessons to learn from.  Am loving my life presently as i journey in Him spiritually as He teaches me to be content and thankful in whatever season, and now am able to appreciate the beauty and wonders in all His diverse creation. I shudder to think of so many years wasted just passing through life like a zombie. Thankfully am now here with Him in the moment! How awesome is that.

Lord God, may you open my spiritual mind, eyes and ears so that i may perceive, discern and hear your voice as i learn of You in the name of Jesus.


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