A number of people who have read my book, Adornment two have shared their desire to be able to hear God speak to them. And He does speak to us all. Unfortunately not many hear Him.

Why do you complain to him that he responds to no one’s words? For God does speak–now one way, now another– though no one perceives it. Job 33:13-14

One of the things i have realized God likes is for us to give thanks in every circumstance.  Yesterday, the first thing i did was break a glass, i don’t even remember how it happened. This, just after i discovered that we didn’t have water which rarely happens yet its one thing that can get me so worked up. I was scheduled to go to our son’s former school and clear for him. Meanwhile i was to pass through town, complete forms for our other son, which yet our other son needed ‘urgently’. While in town i was also supposed to buy plugs for the car which the mechanic was sure he knew. I was not successful in completing the forms. I got the plugs then went to the school.

Got there at one and was locked out till two. My first reaction of course was to be upset, i do not like standing and now i have to stand for fifty minutes. But i heard in my Spirit, no you cannot get upset. Half hour later a lady walks out of the gate smiling at me and tells me she knows me. She watched me on TV. I was glad i was not upset. At two the class teacher whom i called comes, he was out of school when i arrived. He takes the book i brought which our son lost. He takes me into his office and takes the form to other teachers to clear him, a huge favour. I go to accounts and they say we owe some money, am not aware of this because we cleared everything in second term. I sigh relief as its not so much and thankfully i have some cash on me. Then he tells me, i must bank it! Their bank is always full and its two kilometers from the school. I try to persuade him but he insists.  Now i have to ride on a motorbike if i have to make it home today. Not my preferred mode of transport.

Thankfully the queue is not as long and half hour later am on a motorbike back to school. They clear him and i go to the deputy principal. He signs but unfortunately, the principal has left already. Meanwhile, the plugs i bought and had them taken home are not the right ones. Our other son is also on my case about the uncompleted forms. All i want now is to get home. But, am at least thirty kilometers away from town where i have to connect to where i live.

I surrender all to Him and board a matatu after another bike ride to the stage. After a few kilometers, am led to thank God, audibly and in tears. The Holy Spirit has overcome me, in a matatu! Of course the passengers who can see me must think am mad. But with God, you must be foolish and i know better than struggling against His will. Besides, this is not something you can resist and postpone. And if i had been upset from how the day had turned out, i would definitely not perceive His instruction to be thankful.

My reason for sharing this is for the benefit of some people who give reasons why they are upset with God. Who do not see reason to thank Him. Who complain unceasingly. Complaining is sin. We need to thank God in every circumstance.  Despite my not so good day, i was led to be thankful, in a matatu. 

We miss our encounter with Him when we keep complaining and seeing the problems in our life. Complaining actually opens more doors for problems. Give thanks in everything. You have to purposely do this. It is never easy but you can nurture a thanksgiving attitude and you will be joyful you did.

Father God, enable me to always be thankful regardless of the challenges i face in the name of Jesus! Amen.


2 thoughts on “Complaining

  1. Dont insist of hearing Him speak to you. He is communicating with us. And communicating means how things happen to us or to simply make us act in this or that way. Open the eyes and look at what happened this very day. Maybe He communicated without speaking.


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